Recommended cutting solution

★Solution 1★


AMO1630A Fabric Laser Cutting Machine with Auto Feed:

The fabric for the Arabian robes is thin, smooth, breathable and elastic. In order to ensure the flatness of the cut, AMOR recommends laser cutting, because the laser does not have any contact with the fabric during the cutting process, which prevents the fabric from moving, tensile deformation during the cutting process. Laser cutting is a hot cut that automatically locks the cutting edge to ensure that the cutting edge is neat.

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4 unique advantages of the AMO1630 laser fabric cutting machine

★Solution 2★

BK1625 CNC mašina za rezanje

AMO1625K automatic fabric cutting machine with CNC blade

A faster way to cut fabrics. It can meet the customer’s requirements for mass production. Multi-functional cutting tool design, highly integrated multi-group machining tools, interactive cutting, V punching and scribing in one working; Powerful nesting and counting system can be done Automatically nesting and accurately calculate the material, thus accurately calculating the cost, Material distribution, and realizing the digital zero inventory strategy.

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Which cutting solution should you choose

When you’re ready to choose an automated cutting solution, you’re sure to think about a question – which cutting device should you choose? We can’t tell you the answer, because no single device can satisfy all customers. However, we can provide you with a comparison of the two devices to provide a reference for your choice of the solution:

Solution type                            Solution  1                                    Solution  2
Use and consumable costs Two-phase electricity, the whole machine consumes 4KW/hour (including exhaust fan and chiller); Consumables: laser tube and lens, 600 USD/year Two-phase electricity, machine operation: 3KW;three-phase electricity, vacuum adsorption: 7.5KW-9KW; consumables: felt platform, blade: 1350 US dollars / year
Labor cost 1 person operation Single layer operation: 1 person;
Multi-layer operation: 2 people for spreading and machine operation (operators should not leave the machine to prevent the fabric from moving during the cutting process)
Processing efficiency Cut a set of robes (including lining and jacket)

for 3 minutes; continuous cutting;

Single-layer cutting: cutting a set of robes (including lining and jacket) for 2 minutes, continuous cutting;
Multi-layer cutting: cutting with a round knife can cut 1-6 layers at a time, and cut 6 sets at the fastest 2 minutes, which requires manual spreading.
Installation space 2600X5500mm Single layer cutting: 2600X4500mm
Multi-layer cutting: 2600X6000mm (in theory, the longer the spread the platen, the better)
Suitable fabric type Suitable for cutting different robes It can cut most robes and it is difficult to cut silky fabrics.
Comprehensive comparison Customers can choose the right cutting equipment according to their installation space, output, personnel, and the type of fabric being cut.

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