Utilizing AMOR’s professional automotive interior manufacturing experience, integrating sales and production in one space, shortening the time for ordering and delivery, establishing a faster production process, and bringing the automotive interior manufacturing to the highest point of the market.



To meet the processing needs of different materials and products, from the ring, PU, PU sponge composite, textile fabrics to XPE, imitation leather, whether it is car seat covers, foot pads, padding, AMOR can help customers in the limited production space And in the shortest delivery time, it can process high-quality and perfect products quickly and accurately.


Automated production is changing the new pattern of processing and manufacturing in the automotive interiors industry, so that the problems faced by traditional production methods have been fundamentally solved and better adapted to emerging market demands.


Reduce manufacturing cost:

Auto interior trimming technology is simple and easy to learn. It reduces the reliance on professionals, reduces labor costs, simplifies the production process, and improves the utilization of materials through intelligent nesting systems.


The production cycle is getting shorter and shorter

It simplifies the manual cutting process and responds quickly to car type changes. It only needs to enter the graphics into the computer to automatically complete the cutting, shorten the production time, and can quickly receive order production, especially in the market to meet the personalized customization advantages .

Standardized production:

Established a set of reliable standards of production processes, so that the products processed into a unified, standard, ensure product quality, reduce the product defective rate, so that the entire production process more smoothly.


Laser series:

Mainly used in the production of automobile seat covers, equipped with an automatic feeding system, which can realize the continuous cutting of a whole roll of PU, PU sponge composite materials. If you only produce car seat covers, this is a good choice compared to Blade series saves investment costs.

BK1625 CNC mašina za rezanje
Blade series

By disposing different types of cutter tools, all automobile interior production materials can be cut, and products such as seat covers, floor mats, and seat cushions can be processed. If only the production floor mats can be configured with fixed table tops, the input cost can be reduced. If a seat cover is to be produced , can configure automatic feeding function, of course, more relevant information please contact us.


CNC blade cutting machine working efficiency

Product hourly efficiency 10 hours of efficiency
Car Mat 20 sets 100-150 sets
Car seat cover (leather) 2 sets 20 sets
Car seat cover (pu) 5 sets 40-50 sets
Applied materials Wire ring, microfiber PU, floor leather, sound insulation cotton, fireproof cotton, rear box mat, etc.