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With the advent of printed fabrics, the production of banners, tents, sportswear, jerseys, and bathing suits has become very economical, efficient, and simple. The only problem is how to print the entire print efficiently and accurately.



Whether it is cutting and then sublimation printing, or the sublimation printed fabrics are cut into rolls. the process of manual cutting is too complicated, the efficiency is too slow, the degree of artificial dependence is high, and the material is stretched and deformed, resulting in defective products.


The laser is non-contact cutting, very friendly to the elastic fabric, and equipped with two core functions: First, the visual positioning system, accurate search for the frame, accurate cutting; Second, automatic feeding device, automatic edge cutting.


AMOR Printed Fabric Cutting 4 Steps


If you have confidence in the development market of dye-sublimation printing fabrics, or if you are currently investing too much in personnel costs and the processing efficiency is too low, then it is time to make some changes. AMOR helps you to complete the transformation of the smart factory, simplify the production process, improve the efficiency and quality of production, let you fall in love with laser automatic cutting sublimation printing fabrics.


AMO1812 CAD Medium-Sized Vision Scanning Laser Cutter for Digital Printing Sportwear

18 million-pixel high-definition camera positioning and cutting, not affected by the product color pattern; beyond the machine format, automatic partition cutting, the province occupies the space; stretching, deformation, automatic correction and cutting; with automatic feeding device continuous high-speed production.


AMO1625 Large Format Visual Laser Cutting Machine for Sublimation Garments

The AMO1625 automatic laser fabric cutting machine is equipped with a large-format pattern contour recognition system that can identify and cut 1600X200mm graphic contours at a time. The working area of the machine is designed according to AMOR’s application experience in the sublimation printing garment industry.

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How does AMOR CNC laser fabric cutting machine achieve accurate feeding2019-04-16T15:45:58+00:00

Many customers found a problem when using the automatic textile cutting machine: the low accuracy of automatic feeding leads to low work efficiency, the need to manually correct the conveyance of the cloth, and the automatic continuous cutting is not possible. How does AMOR achieve automatic and continuous cutting of the fabric?

AMOR is equipped with automatic correcting function for the feeding system of automatic textile cutting machine, which realizes the accurate conveying of fabric without manual correction, and the continuous feeding error is controlled at 5mm.

Can we freely extract the outline of one or more graphics?2018-12-24T09:23:08+00:00

Of course, we can select the graphics that need to extract the contours on the software, and limit the range of the extracted contours to extract the outline of the specified graphics.

What kind of graphics are easier to extract contours quickly?2019-02-16T02:31:33+00:00

First of all: Add a closed black outline on the outside of the figure, the width of the outline is more than 2mm, the thicker the general outline, the easier it is to extract;

Secondly, a distance greater than 5 mm is left between the two figures, so that the contour can be fully contrasted with the background, so that the contour can be quickly extracted.

How to make the graphic contour cutting more precise?2018-12-24T09:21:39+00:00

This cutting machine consists of two systems – a contour recognition system and an automatic cutting system.To achieve the most accurate cutting, you must ensure that the reading of the graphic position is consistent between the two systems. We need to do the calibration work before using the machine. First, on a flat white paper, use the automatic cutting system to cut the square of the whole surface, use the contour cutting system to read the square position, and then compare the cutting system. With the position error of the contour recognition system, the contour recognition system can then be adjusted according to the actual cutting position of the square, thereby achieving consistency between the contour recognition system and the automatic cutting system coordinate points.

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