It can be used to cut synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, acrylic, nitrile spandex, aryl sulfone, and glass fiber, ceramic fiber, etc. to meet the requirements of dustproof cloth, dust bag, filter, cartridge, filter, filter New products such as cotton and filter cartridges are constantly being processed. With the increasing demand for industrial filter bags, a more efficient and rapid processing method is needed to meet market demand.



More and more laser cutting machines are used in the cutting process of the filter cloth. This is because the traditional filter cloth cutting method has a larger workload in the entire filter bag production process, and the laser uses a numerical control cutting. The entire filter cloth cutting process is more simple, efficient and accurate.



Some materials of the filter cloth are likely to cause damage during the artificial cutting process, such as the cutting of the glass fiber dust cloth. The traditional method is manual cutting. Since the glass fiber is very thin, it may easily cause worker injuries, and the laser is independent during the entire cutting process. Work is a cutting method with a higher safety factor.


Standardized production:

The cutting size is accurate to 0.1mm/m; laser thermal processing, automatic collection does not loosen, to solve the problem of fabric burr; filter material on the pores more and more detailed, especially in the micro-hole processing, the traditional way is difficult to reach the established requirements. The laser can perform punching of various specifications and various patterns on the filter material.


Reduce manufacturing cost:

The traditional manual cutting requires more cutting workers, and the production efficiency is low, and the use of materials is difficult to control. The laser is equipped with an automated feeding platform, which can realize the continuous cutting of the entire roll of filter fabric, reducing the dependence on the personnel, and using intelligent Marking software ensures high utilization of materials.


Simplify the production process:

Traditional production process from the design of the graphics to the receipt of materials required cutting, cutting, drilling, trimming and other cumbersome processing procedures, and laser processing only need to enter the graphics into the machine, and then click “Start”, the machine can be completed Automatic cutting, and can be equipped with a marker pen, so that the machine completes perforation, marking, cutting, one-off filter fabric trimming, only need manual sorting pieces.


AMO2540 filter cloth laser automatic fabric cutter:

According to the needs of customers, different formats can be customized; double laser heads can be installed to double the cutting efficiency; the marker pens can be set to enable the machine to cut, punch, trim, mark multi-functions in one.