The development status and changes facing the apparel industry

Garment factories like big orders, which is in line with the principle of economies of scale. Only when the number of individual orders is large, the production efficiency can be improved, the cost of raw materials can be reduced, and the corresponding management costs and service costs can be diluted.

However, with the increasingly personalized characteristics of market demand and the consumer-led consumption concept, quality and individuality have become the dominant factors in consumption, which has resulted in the traditional clothing industry with more individual needs, slower production time, and more inventory backlogs. Out-of-stocks; fewer new jobs, lack of skilled workers; frequent overtime, low-performing development problems, and these changes in the market have led to a continuous increase in orders for small-volume and small-volume industries.

Two major problems facing the customized production of clothing

Laser cutting makes clothing customization simpler

Solution recommendation


Laser Fabric Cutting Machine:

1. Specially tailored for small batches of multi-variety apparel fabrics, especially suitable for all kinds of custom clothing
2. It can realize any graphic cutting, the slit is smooth without flash, automatic closing, no deformation
3. It adopts the crawler type working platform design and has the function of negative pressure adsorption to ensure the flatness of the fabric during cutting.
4. Follow the smoking system to synchronize the laser head with the smoking system, and the smoke exhausting effect is good to ensure that the dust does not contaminate the material.
5. With automatic feeding machine with rectification function, it can ensure accurate feeding.

AMOR 1625 Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine for Customize T-shirt and Suit

CNC Blade Fabric Cutting Machine:

  1. Cutting single layer fabric at a speed of 1200mm/s for higher efficiency cutting requirements;
  2. Different cutting heads can be configured: vibrating knife, round knife. Meet single and multi-layer cutting requirements;
  3. The marker function can be configured to mark the name of the piece.