Wide application of polyester fabric

Polyester fabric characteristics

Polyester is an important variable in synthetic fiber. It has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, and good wear resistance. Polyester has many excellent textile properties and is widely used. It can be made of pure textile, or it can be blended with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk. It can be made into a variety of imitation wool, imitation cotton, imitation silk, and imitation linen fabric. It has the characteristics of easy cleaning and no ironing.

Application of polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is suitable for men’s and women’s shirts, outerwear, children’s clothing, outdoor products, etc. Polyester can also be used as cotton wool because of its good elasticity and bulkiness. In the industry, high-strength polyester can be used as a tire cord, a conveyor belt, a fire hose, a cable, a fishing net, and the like. Non-woven fabrics made of polyester can be used for interior decorations, carpet backings, medical fabrics, flocks, linings, and the like.


Recommended for automated cutting solutions

Traditional fabric cutting faces the problem of increasing labor costs, serious material waste, non-standard cutting, and low production efficiency. How to achieve more standard and rapid production and reduce production costs? Automated cutting of fabrics has become a direction of fabric cutting, helping factories to achieve more intelligent cutting fabrics, reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving production efficiency.

Tips:When you consult us about an automatic fabric cutter, please let us know what you want to achieve in a single day.

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