Selection and production of underwear

Underwear is a kind of close-fitting clothing, including five types: vest, sweatshirt, shorts, tube top, bra. Usually, it is directly in contact with the skin and is one of the most important costumes for modern people. Since the underwear is worn close to the body, the material and production of the fabric are definitely very important.

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The advantages of laser cutting underwear textile

Compared with the traditional cutting method, the laser does not have any pressure during the cutting process, and belongs to the non-contact cutting, which does not cause the deformation and stretching of the textile; at the same time, the edge of the laser cutting is smooth, and the automatic locking can be realized; The slit is small, and there is no gap between the underwear and the human body.


AMO1610A Laser Fabric/Textile Cutting Machine with Auto Feeding

Use of track-type work platform, with automatic feeding system, can realize automatic continuous processing. Configure the intelligent nesting software to cut the fabric efficiently and save material. It is convenient for pattern making and revision, high cutting efficiency and good quality. Especially suitable for cut pieces of apparel fabrics such as embroidered fabrics.

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