Laser can cut for different types of labels

Laser cutting machines can cut different types of labels, such as woven labels, embroidered labels, printed labels, and rolled woven labels. Can meet the different needs of brands, patches, collar labels, badges and so on.


Achieve fast and accurate cutting of labels with laser


The CCD camera positioning laser cutting machine adopts the leading camera recognition system to realize high-precision camera positioning and cutting function. It is developed for batch processing of various labels to replace the inadequacies of traditional manual positioning and cutting, to achieve more precise and faster. Production needs. It can help customers achieve automatic positioning cutting or punching, and completely solve the problem of manual alignment in laser cutting.

How to achieve simple and fast cutting of woven labels

AMOR small laser cutting machine / CCD camera laser cutting machine uses positioning, marking points and other technologies. Fast recognition speed and high cutting precision, suitable for embroidery, small size printing, woven labels, trademark cutting, etc. Helping customers simplify complex tasks. The efficiency of a machine is equivalent to 5 workers. Are you interested?

Recommended solution

At present, AMO1610SC CCD series has been widely used in the market, and through continuous collection of customer suggestions, it has been continuously improved. It adopts industry-leading recognition technology to automatically trace the edge cutting lines or feature points according to edge chromatic aberration to realize automatic positioning and cutting. This equipment helps users to improve production and processing capacity and obtain continuous and positive production efficiency. In the case of high-speed operation, the cutting straight line is not deformed at all, and the cutting curve is never distorted.

embroidery patch laser cutting machine