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9 precautions before installing the laser cutting machine2019-07-24T01:07:35+00:00

1, Prepare a computer before installing the device. It is best not to connect to the network to prevent the virus from damaging the device software.

2, After receiving the equipment, first determine the integrity of the equipment and whether the accessories are complete.

3, If there is no on-site training and installation of technicians, customers should follow the video carefully.

4, equipment power is 220v must ensure voltage stability at 220v or must install a voltage regulator

5, When the equipment is working, it will be born with static electricity, so it must have a good grounding, because the static electricity will affect the normal operation of the equipment, and more importantly, it is easy to make people feel an electric shock. Generally, 3 meters of steel bars are used to enter the ground, and more saltwater is sprayed.

6, the equipment needs water when working. If conditions permit, it is best to use pure water, replace it once every 15-30 days. If it is tap water, it needs to be replaced once every 7-15 days.

7, equipment is also equipped with a smoking machine, according to the processing materials, the smoking machine can be opened or not

8, Install the water circulation of the equipment: Inlet water is added to the equipment. Water is discharged to the equipment (according to customer requirements, there are simple water pumps, some are water-cooled machines)

9, Install the laser tube, need to pay attention: the laser tube is a glass product, it must be handled gently when installing, it is best to complete the two people together, the laser tube has a water inlet end, a water outlet end, a positive pole, a negative pole, and one end of the lens is the water outlet is also the negative pole. Note that the water outlet should be upward, and the other end is the inlet. The laser tube is marked on the laser tube. If there is no, you can consult the technician to avoid mistakes. There are a water pipe and a wire at both ends of the device. The positive end wire is red. Pay special attention when installing. If the positive electrode is not installed properly, it will directly work on the device and must be insulated. After these things are done, the installation of the equipment will come to an end. The next step is the commissioning and use of the laser engraving machine.

Maintenance of CO2 laser cutting machine2019-07-24T00:35:47+00:00

1, The cleaning of the exhaust fan of the laser machine

The long-term use of the exhaust fan will cause a lot of solid dust to accumulate inside the fan, which will cause a lot of noise and is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. When the suction of the exhaust fan is insufficient and the exhaust effect is not good, first turn off the power supply, remove the air inlet pipe and the air outlet pipe on the exhaust fan, remove the dust inside, then tilt the fan upside down and pull the fan blades inside. Until it is clean, then install the blower.

2, The replacement of water and the cleaning of the water tank (recommended to clean the water tank and replace the circulating water once a week)

Cleaning the water tank: first, turn off the power supply, unplug the water inlet pipe, let the water in the laser tube automatically flow into the water tank, open the water tank, take out the water pump, and remove the dirt on the water pump. Clean the water tank, replace the circulating water, put the water pump back into the water tank, insert the water pipe connected to the water pump into the water inlet, and arrange the joints. Power the pump separately and run for 2-3 minutes (fill the laser tube with circulating water).

Note: The laser tube must be filled with circulating water before working.

The water quality and water temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. It is recommended to use pure water and control the water temperature below 35 °C. If it exceeds 35 °C, it is necessary to replace the circulating water or add ice cubes to the water to lower the water temperature (user is recommended to choose a cooling machine).

3, The lens cleaning (recommended to clean before work every day, the equipment must be turned off)

There are 3 mirrors and 1 focusing mirror on the laser cutting machine (the No. 1 mirror is located at the emission exit of the laser tube, which is the upper left corner of the machine, the No. 2 mirror is located at the left end of the beam, and the No. 3 mirror is located at the laser head. At the top of the part, the focusing mirror is located in an adjustable barrel in the lower part of the laser head. The laser is reflected by these lenses, focused and emitted from the laser head. The lens is easily stained with dust or other contaminants, causing laser loss or lens damage. Do not remove the No. 1 and No. 2 lenses. Just wipe the lens with the cleaning solution carefully along the center of the lens. Edge rotary wipe. The No. 3 lens and the focusing mirror need to be taken out from the frame and wiped in the same way. After the wiping is completed, it can be put back as it is.


1 The lens should be wiped gently, and the surface coating should not be damaged;

2 The wiping process should be handled gently to prevent falling;

3 Be sure to keep the concave side facing down when installing the focusing mirror.

4, An inspection of the light path

The optical path system of the laser engraving machine is completed by the reflection of the mirror and the focusing of the focusing mirror. In the optical path, there is no offset problem in the focusing mirror, but the three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical part, and the possibility of offset is higher. Large, although the offset does not usually occur, it is recommended that the user check whether the light path is normal before each work.

5. Fastening of screws and couplings

After the motion system is working for a period of time, the screws and couplings at the joint of the movement will be loose, which will affect the smoothness of the mechanical movement. Therefore, in the operation of the machine, it is necessary to observe whether the transmission parts have abnormal noise or abnormal phenomena. Rugged and maintenance. At the same time, the machine should use a tool to tighten the screws one by one. The first time it should be sturdy about a month after the device is used.

6, Cleaning of the guide rails Suggestion

Clean once every half month, shut down the operation. The guide rail and linear shaft are one of the core components of the laser cutting machine. Its function is to guide and support. In order to ensure the machine has high machining accuracy, the guide rail and straight line are required to have high guiding precision and good motion stability. During the operation of the equipment, due to a large amount of corrosive dust and smoke generated during processing, the smoke and dust are deposited on the surface of the guide rail and the linear shaft for a long time, which has a great influence on the processing precision of the equipment. An etch point is formed on the surface of the linear axis of the guide rail to shorten the service life of the device. In order to make the machine work stably and ensure the quality of the products, it is necessary to carefully carry out the daily maintenance of the guide rails and linear axes.
Note: Please prepare the cleaning rails – dry cotton cloth, lubricating oil (car use level).
Cleaning the linear guide: first, move the laser head to the far right (or left side), wipe it with a dry cotton cloth until it is bright and dust-free, add a little lubricant, and slowly push the laser head a few times to make the lubricant even. Distribution can be.
Cleaning the roller guide: Move the beam to the inside, open the end cover on both sides of the machine, wipe the place where the guide rails are in contact with the roller with a dry cotton cloth, and then move the beam to clean the remaining place.

How to ensure the accuracy of CCD vision scanning laser system?2019-07-23T09:15:30+00:00

The accuracy of the CCD vision scanning laser system is divided into cutting accuracy and precision of continuous processing.
Cutting accuracy: This depends on the accuracy of the contour recognition. It is required to configure the camera to be larger than 18 million pixels. The outline of the printed graphic is 2mm black solid line, and the distance between the components is greater than 5mm, and the cutting precision is controlled at 0.3-0.5mm.

Continuous cutting accuracy: This requires a scientific feeding system to ensure smooth and accurate feeding of printed fabrics, avoiding deformation of the graphics during feeding and affecting the precision of cutting.

How does the CCD vision scanning laser cutter recognize the pattern outline?2019-07-23T09:06:05+00:00

Working method 1: Large-format visual scanning. The contour of the printed graphic in the largest format of 1800mmX2500mm can be scanned at one time, and then the scanned contour is transmitted to the computer for cutting. The identification and cutting process is repeated automatically.

This method is generally used for cutting garments such as printed sportswear, jerseys, cycling wear, swimwear, yoga wear, and cloth stickers.

Working Method 2: Using graphic feature points, you need to input a 1:1 printed graphic vector file, mainly for complex graphics, high-precision cutting of nested graphics.

Working Method 3: Scan the mark point, scan the mark point on the printed graphic, need 1:1 print graphic vector file, and then cut the graphic accurately for small pattern, number, letter or oversized graphic cutting.

CCD visual scanning laser cutting machine cutting printing garment efficiency2019-07-23T08:46:17+00:00

According to different materials, the speed of laser-cut printed fabric is 300mm/s-450mm/s. Taking the cutting sublimation printing jersey as an example, the laser machine can cut 50 pieces per hour, which is 4 times of artificial efficiency.
Laser cutting not only changes the cutting process of printed fabrics, but also the revolutionary significance of laser automated cutting in terms of the overall processing of printed fabrics.
1. Simplified process: manual cutting, complicated process. Laser cutting realizes automatic feeding, automatic identification of contours, automatic cutting, and automatic processing of printed fabrics;
2. Saving labor: 1 laser fabric cutting machine can replace 4-5 workers, reducing the dependence of production on labor and ensuring the stability of production.
3. High cutting precision: The positioning accuracy is controlled within 1mm, the cutting edge is smooth, and the seam is automatically locked.

What are the power requirements for laser fabric cutting machines?2019-07-23T08:22:03+00:00

The laser fabric cutting machine has low power consumption. The overall power consumption of the machine (including cold water tank and exhaust fan) is lower than 4KW, and the required voltage is 220V. Therefore, if your voltage is 110V, you need to install a voltage converter.

Does the laser fabric cutter require compressed air?2019-07-23T08:09:41+00:00

Does the laser fabric cutter require compressed air?

The answer is yes, compressed gas is very important for laser cutting fabrics.
1. Enhance the penetrating power, and the compressed gas can enhance the cutting ability of the laser and improve the cutting speed of the laser;
2. Ensure a good cutting edge, compressed air can cool the cutting edge of the fabric in time, to ensure that the cutting edge of the fabric is automatically locked, but will not carbonize.

A single laser fabric cutting machine can be equipped with a 220V (110V), 8KW motor-driven air compressor with a cutting pressure of 0.3-0.4MPA. At the same time, it is also equipped with a water-oil separation system to ensure the clean air, which can extend the life of the machine optical lens and improve the cutting quality.

Does the laser fabric cutting machine require external exhaust?2019-07-23T07:51:06+00:00

The answer is yes. The exhaust system is an important system of the laser fabric cutting machine, which directly affects the working environment of the laser fabric cutting machine. AMOR divides the exhaust system of the laser fabric cutting machine into two parts.
1. Smoke collection. AMOR’s smoke collection system adopts a three-dimensional enclosure design, which can process the smoke generated during the processing in time, so that there is no smoke at the processing site to ensure a good operating environment.
2. Smoke emissions. AMOR can equip each laser fabric cutter with a fume extraction system that filters the smoke twice before the smoke is emitted to protect the environment.

How is the laser fabric cutting machine fed automatically?2019-07-23T07:41:11+00:00

The scientific feeding method is an important criterion for measuring the quality of a laser fabric cutting machine. There are three criteria for measuring whether a set of automated feeding systems is scientific:
1. Accurate feeding: AMOR automatic feeding system is equipped with automatic calibration function, the error of continuous feeding is less than 3mm;

2. The fabric will not be deformed: The AMOR automatic feeding system adopts the design of the pneumatic rod pressing material and the automatic feeding material. The air rod is used to fix the fabric on the automatic feeding work platform, and then the movement of the working platform is used to drive the fabric. At the same time, the feeding bracket Automatically unroll the fabric roll (see video demo) to keep the fabric in a natural state during transport. It avoids the stretching of the fabric by hard drag during the feeding process.

3. It can meet the automatic feeding of cloth rolls with a maximum diameter of 1500mm and a weight of 120KG.

Why automatic feeder is very important for laser fabric cutting machines?2019-07-23T06:57:34+00:00

The biggest feature of fabric cutting is continuous processing, so a scientific automatic feeding system is very important for laser fabric cutting machines, which can help laser fabric cutting machines continuously cut long fabrics.
A scientific automatic feeding system helps the machine to automate work, reducing the dependence of machine operation on labor and installation space, and avoiding material waste caused by feed errors.

How to choose the correct working area of ​​laser fabric cutting machine?2019-07-23T06:34:34+00:00

When you choose a laser textile cutter, you need to choose the effective cutting width of the machine according to the width of the fabric you need to cut. Since the width of ordinary textiles is generally about 1500 mm, the effective processing width of standard fabric laser cutting machines is 1600 mm and 1800 mm. If it is necessary to meet the cutting of wider fabrics, it needs to be customized. So when you have to choose a machine that suits you, be sure to tell us what the width of the fabric you are going to cut.

The laser fabric cutting machine uses an automatic feed cutting system, so the length that can be cut is not limited by the length of the machine table. However, it is recommended that you choose the length of the machine work platform based on the maximum length of the cut part. The standard laser fabric cutting machine has a processing table length of 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 3000 mm. For example, the length of the part you cut is 1800mm. It is recommended to select the length of the table to be more than 1800mm. We recommend a work surface with a length of 3000mm.

Choosing the right working area not only helps you achieve better cutting, but also maximizes the role of the machine, saving machine purchase costs.

Why choose AMOR CNC blade cutter?2019-05-17T23:22:01+00:00
10 questions about laser cutting machine cutting MDF2019-04-21T05:15:55+00:00

Q: Can a laser cutter cut an MDF?

A: The laser cutter can cut the MDF. Due to the different materials of the MDF, not every MDF can be cut with a laser machine. Some MDF contains too much iron debris, soil, and other impurities, which are not suitable for laser cutting. Other MDFs are not dense enough and are not suitable. Nowadays, the types of MDF that can be cut by laser cutting machines include Ozon board, popular board, and water washing board. Among them, Ozon board is the best.

Q: How thick is the laser cutting machine?

A: The thickness of the laser-cut MDF is related to the power of the laser. The greater the laser power, the thicker the MDF that can be cut. Commonly used MDF thicknesses are 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, etc.

Q: What is the speed of cutting?

A: The thickness of the laser-cut MDF is related to the laser power and the thickness of the plate. The higher the power of the same density board laser cutting the same thickness, the faster the cutting speed.
A 150-watt carbon dioxide laser cuts a 12 mm Ozon plate at a speed of 7 mm to 12 mm per second;
A 280-watt CO2 laser cuts a 12mm Ozon plate at a speed of 16 mm to 25 mm per second;


Q: Can the laser cutting machine draw lines on the surface of the MDF?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the speed of drawing a line?

A: The speed of the line drawn by the laser cutting machine is related to the structure of the machine itself. Generally speaking, it is between 100 mm and 500 mm per second. There are some mechanical limitations of the machine itself that may limit the line speed and idle speed to within 100 millimeters per second.

Q: What is the relationship between the width of the slit when the laser machine cuts the MDF?

A: It is related to the size of the laser spot and the focal length of the focusing mirror itself. It is also related to whether the cutting surface is in focus. The larger the laser power, the larger the spot size and the larger the cutting gap. Which power is most suitable, we have done a detailed comparison and research, you can contact customer service.

Q: What is the relationship between the thickness of the lines when the surface is drawn?

A: It is related to laser power, the focal length of the focusing mirror, whether it is in focus, laser brand, etc.

Q: Why is the laser cutting machine I use now that the line thickness is uneven?

A: One situation is that the platform of the machine itself is not flat or the plate is not flat, resulting in a change in the height of the laser head from the cutting surface. Another kind of laser itself is unstable in power, and is weak when strong.


Q: Why do I cut through the MDF when I cut it?

A: This situation usually occurs on small power laser cutting machines. This is the case when a 150-watt CO2 laser cuts an MDF, if the optical path is not adjusted or the machine platform is not leveled, and the power is reduced after the laser has been used for some time.

Q: Why is the cut surface of my machine cutting MDF very dark, and the powder is severe when rubbed?

A: It has a relationship with MDF material. It is recommended to try Osong board or other materials. When the Ozon board is laser-cut, not only the cutting speed is fast, but also the density board itself is high-density. After laser ablation, the surface is oiled to form a natural protective film. The surface is easy to wipe and moisture resistant.

Q: Why does my machine cut the MDF cut surface with small holes?

A: The density of the board itself is low.

Q: Why is my machine cutting MDF cut surface not vertical?

A: The machine’s light path is not adjusted and needs to be re-dimmed. The machine table is not flat and re-leveled.

Q: Why is my machine cutting MDF not completely cut through, and there is adhesion at the bottom?

Answer: The power of the machine drops, and a new laser needs to be replaced; the laser light path is not adjusted, and the light is dimmed; the MDF material is re-leveled;

Having said that, I think everyone has a better understanding of the laser cutting machine cutting MDF. The most widely used MDF cutting industry is the photo frame industry.

In the industry of laser cutting photo frames, our AMOR laser has accumulated a wealth of industry experience:

From the original 150-watt carbon dioxide glass tube to the later 220-500-600-watt multi-core, to the nearest 260-watt and 280-watt combined laser, the laser technology is getting better and better.

From the initial X-axis and Y-axis belt drive to the later screw drive, rack drive, to the recent Y-axis double rack + X-axis belt that takes into account the cutting accuracy and line speed, the laser machine body movement mode More and more suitable for the industry of MDF cutting.

7 wrong views about laser metal/non-metal hybrid cutting machine2019-04-21T05:11:11+00:00

Through communication with many customers, AMOR found that customers have many misunderstandings about CO2 laser metal/non-metal hybrid cutting machine. Here, we have summarized several points for everyone. I hope that everyone can help when choosing a laser hybrid cutting machine!

1. The CO2 laser hybrid cutting machine was developed in the past two years, and the technology is still immature. —- Wrong!

Is this the kind of factory that is not mature, the factory that does not produce a laser hybrid cutting machine, or the salesman?
Laser hybrid cutting machines have been used in the market 6 years ago. Only at that time, the price was relatively high, and the lowest price was 168,000 yuan. And there are fewer manufacturers that actually put a lot of production into production. The matching typewriter and laser welding machine are not cheap. A set of equipment is almost twice as expensive as the current price.

The Jinan AMOR laser is aimed at this situation, invested a lot of money in the laser hybrid cutting machine, upgraded the machine several times, and strictly controlled the cost of this machine, reducing the profit of this machine, putting the price Really affordable. Only now is acceptable to most customers.

Price. Really led the hot sale of this machine in the market!
So, no matter what you buy, it’s better to do a survey first. Understand the history, don’t let people go, and bring yourself into an unreal situation. Delay your plan.

Metal & Non-Metal CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Metal & Non-Metal CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

2. Laser hybrid cutting machine is very cheap. —- Wrong!

AMOR can only say that compared to fiber laser cutting machines, laser hybrid cutting machines are very cheap. But you have to say that it is only a little more expensive than ordinary belts and stepper lasers. This is impossible.

A good factory that really makes a laser mixer, you can’t use one finger or five fingers. It’s just two or three. At the exhibition, some factories reported the price of this machine very low, as low as 50,000 in order to grab the order? 60,000? Seven thousand? 80,000? (RMB)…

Oh, there is no minimum, only lower! This kind of malicious competition, the last victim is only the person who buys the machine! Because no factory will do a loss business.

You may find that the machine that you bought for 5,680,800 yuan can only be used as an ordinary laser machine to cut acrylic. If you don’t care, it doesn’t matter. You buy it.

I have said before that the laser cutting machine was born, eliminating the plasma cutting machine and the ordinary belt laser cutting machine.

An ultra-high-end laser hybrid cutting machine, which is the highest acrylic laser cutting machine on the market, and the function of cutting metal at the same time, is also several times better than plasma cutting metal, and the precision is several times higher. Such a machine must be at least one plasma than +1 belt.

Metal laser cutting machine is high! What is the price of a 1325 plasma? What is the price of a 1325 laser machine? Do you really understand?
Then, think about those 5,680,800 laser hybrid cutting machines, is it reasonable? Do you really think that those factories are doing charity and don’t make money?

Not to mention the accessories used in the AMOR laser mixer, except for the sheet metal of the machine, almost all other machine parts are imported. More important is the assembly technology of the machine!

I remember that I met many foreign customers before. When they first saw the laser hybrid cutting machine, they were surprised. Why can the CO2 laser tube cut the metal plate and cut it so beautifully? This is because of technology! A machine equipped with a CO2 laser tube can cut acrylic and cut stainless steel and galvanized sheet by technology! It’s really not a factory that can do it casually!

Customers who really want to buy this machine can send us an email!

Everyone wants to spend the least amount of money and put what they want into their pockets. But we have to guarantee that the quality of this thing is what we need. Otherwise, you may end up looking for trouble.

3. All manufacturers’ laser mixers can cut galvanized sheets. —- Wrong!

AMOR often says a word to the customer, seeing is believing! Don’t listen. If their machine can also cut galvanized sheets and cut 1.2mm galvanized sheets, let them cut them a few! Get it? Or are they all slag? We are not saying that the AMOR’s cutting machine cuts the galvanized sheet absolutely slag. There will be some slag, but the AMOR machine slag must be acceptable to you. All metal sheets, galvanized sheets are the most difficult to cut. Why are you asking me? This is the laser tube of carbon dioxide! Not hundreds of thousands of fiber!

4. The cost of consumables for laser hybrid cutting machines is high. —- Wrong!

There are three operating costs for laser hybrid cutting machines: electricity, laser tubes, and oxygen.

Among them, the electric, AMOR laser mixing machine, the electric power is 2-3KW / hour. Basically, it is a little more than 2 kilowatts.

As for the consumption of oxygen, the AMOR laser mixer has the lowest gas consumption. Cutting ultra-thin plates is only 0.2MPA. The image is a little, for example: the thin and long oxygen cylinder, someone else cut a bottle for 40 minutes and run out. The AMOR laser cutting machine cuts the same design and the bottled gas can be cut continuously for 2 hours.

Laser tube: AMOR laser only sells machines and does not sell consumables. What does it mean to not sell consumables? It’s not that I don’t provide customers with supplies, but I don’t make money for customer supplies. How much is a laser tube for someone else? 6 thousand? 7 thousand? 8 thousand? Even 9 thousand!

And what about AMOR lasers? How much is the customer only?  The price is so low that you can’t imagine it! You can email us!
The same quality laser tube, even better stability! However, the full cost price is provided to the customer. So, we don’t sell consumables.

5. The laser tube of laser hybrid cutting machine has a life of 20,000 hours and a warranty of 6 months. —- Wrong!

First of all, you need to know what laser tube is used for the laser tube of the laser mixer. The real name is called the carbon dioxide catalyst glass tube.

This kind of laser tube is the first one in China that is the earliest hot-stimulated light tube with a famous gas tube. The theoretical life is 10,000 hours.

Those who have a life of 20,000 hours, I listened to customers at the show. I just wanted to sigh. Ugh!

10,000 hours is the theoretical life itself. Of course, for advertisers, this kind of laser tube is enough. At least, many of my customers have been using it for 2 years, and there is still no need to replace the laser tube. So talking about 20,000 hours is a lie. Grab the customer’s attention to the laser tube and say that it is irresponsible.

Because, which customer bought the machine, can it really take a few hours to calculate the laser tube? What is the concept of 20,000 hours, which means that a customer, usually processing 8 hours/day, this tube can be used for 6 years! is it possible? Cut it?

A solid fiber laser, hundreds of thousands of dollars, people’s life is only 8 years or 10 years! How many thousands of you!
Moreover, the life of 20,000 hours is only 6 months warranty. What logic is this?
It is stated here that the laser tube of AMOR laser hybrid cutting machine is 150W, the theoretical life is 10,000 hours, and the warranty is 10 months!


6. Why “AMOR” laser machines are so much more expensive than other brands of laser machines. 
Buying a machine not only compares the price, but also compares the configuration and quality.

But the so-called contrast, there must always be a comparison object. All AMOR laser hybrid cutting machines are compared with some mixed cutting machine manufacturers, and will not be accompanied!
The customer asked you how big the chiller is, what brand is it, it is the special domain 6000, asked where the chiller is produced, said Jinan production, this is impossible, because of the production area of ​​the special domain chiller in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Whether the quality of this laser hybrid cutting machine is reliable, the order quantity of the AMOR laser hybrid cutting machine on-site signing can be explained. Or explain the total market sales of this machine each year! Or explain the number of new customers brought by old customers.

7. The laser mixer can only work continuously for one or two hours. —- Wrong!

A machine that can’t work 24 hours a day, is that still called a machine?
We can calculate in detail, we always have to have lunch and dinner, and at least we can cut for 4 hours in a row! 1, 2 hours, what is the machine?
AMOR laser mixing machine can cut continuously for 24 hours!
No explanation! Believe it or not!

How to choose the type of blade?2019-04-21T04:56:23+00:00


What is the core technology of the automatic fabric cutting machine?2019-08-27T02:51:57+00:00

The two most important points of an automatic fabric cutting machine:

1, Cutting ability; 2, the accuracy of automatic feeding.

The cutting ability refers to the ability of the machine to cut through the material. Most CNC fabric cutting machines can be used as long as you choose high-quality accessories (laser tubes or knives). The most important thing is the accuracy of automatic feeding, because only the feeding precision can ensure the continuous cutting of the cloth cutting machine. If the feeding accuracy is low, it needs manual correction, resulting in high labor cost, low processing efficiency and waste of cloth.
Just like the machine worksite shown in the video below, one machine needs three people to run normally, which can’t save labor and improve work efficiency.

This is why “feeding precision” is called the core technology of automatic fabric cutting machines. Compared with similar products, AMOR has its own automatic feeding system, automatic correction function, high feeding accuracy, and only one worker can operate AMOR automatic fabric cutting machine, making cutting fabrics so easy.

High feeding precision of AMOR automatic fabric cutting machine in the video below.

What problems can the automatic fabric cutting machine help customers solve?2019-04-21T04:10:11+00:00
Customer problems AMOR solutions
Increased number of customized orders has resulted in long production cycles and large workloads. Using intelligent nesting software to manage electronic templates, production is more flexible, changing the size and quantity of the pieces is simpler. Avoid repeated typography caused by sample changes;
Low efficiency and inability to deliver on time The working efficiency of one machine is equivalent to 2-3 workers, shortening the production cycle.
Increased material and labor costs, low product profitability Using intelligent nesting software, the nesting plan provided is 3%-5% less than labor;

The fabric can be purchased according to the nesting scheme provided by the intelligent software to avoid waste of procurement;

Cutting fabric with CNC fabric cutting machine, the defect rate is low, avoiding waste of materials;

The cost of using the machine is much less than the labor cost. For the specific cost calculation, please refer to the “cost of the use of automatic fabric cutting machine”.

Large manual dependence, difficult management, affecting company development The automated cutting solutions reduce the dependence of fabric cutting on workers, avoids the resignation of workers, and the absence of leave affecting the production schedule, allowing the company to develop better.
How to choose automatic fabric cutting machine?2019-04-21T04:13:35+00:00

Choosing the right automatic fabric cutting machine is very important for you, because a good fabric cutting machine can help you achieve more efficient production. If you choose the wrong one, Not only waste money, but also not make your cutting work easier and affect your production. So what factors should you consider when choosing an automatic fabric cutter?

Consider factors Machine technology data Explanation
Width of the fabric The machine cutting width If your fabric width is 1600 mm, the working size width of the machine should be >1600 mm.
The maximum length of the pieces The length of the machine cutting once a time (Ensures that the piece can be cut at one time) For example, the length of the largest piece you cut is 1400mm, then the length of the machine working size you choose should be >1400mm.
Material Leather, composite materials, etc., we recommend CNC knife cutting machine;

Elastic fabrics, fiber fabrics, silky fabrics, etc., we recommend laser fabric cutting machines;

Both machines are suitable for ordinary fabrics.

If you are with special cutting requirements, we recommend that the customer send the materials to us, we will test and recommend the machine according to the test results.
Material characteristics Thickness, hardness, elasticity, silkiness, etc. CNC Knife machine is suitable for cutting thick and hard materials;

The laser machine is suitable for cutting elastic, silky fabrics.

Production requirements The cutting efficiency of the CNC knife cutter is 2-3 times that of the laser fabric cutting machine.


The price of CNC Knife machine is 10,769-23,076 (USD)

The price of laser fabric cutting machine is 5,384-12307 (USD)

Total 1. The customers need to determine the working size of the machine according to the width of the material and the length of the largest piece;

2. The customers need to determine the type of machine based on fabric characteristics and production;

3. Customers need to choose the right machine configuration according to the budget.

If you want to get your own solutions, please contact us, we will recommend a suitable cutting machine for you.

How to cut fabrics with a CNC fabric cutter?2019-04-18T09:04:11+00:00

Steps to manually cut the fabric:
First, lay the cloth on the workbench;
Then, use chalk to draw the shape of the piece on the surface of the cloth;
Finally, cut the fabric according to the shape you have drawn.

If you use a CNC fabric cutting machine, how to cut the fabric?

First, you need digital piece data; if you only have a paper template, you can use a digital conversion tool (available from AMOR) to turn paper templates into electronic data. Accuracy 1:1;
Second, use smart nesting software to set the size, quantity, and name of the electronic template. Then automatic nesting;
Finally, the nested graphics are transferred to an automated fabric cutter. Start automated cutting.

Compared with manual cutting fabrics, the advantages of CNC fabric cutting machines:
1. Automatic nesting is completed within 1-2 minutes, and the nesting scheme provided can save 3%-5% of the fabric than manual labor;
2, using an automatic fabric cutting machine to cut fabrics, standards, low defect rate;
3, a set of templates only need to be nested once, without repeating nesting like manual cutting, saving working time.


How does AMOR CNC laser fabric cutting machine achieve accurate feeding2019-04-16T15:45:58+00:00

Many customers found a problem when using the automatic textile cutting machine: the low accuracy of automatic feeding leads to low work efficiency, the need to manually correct the conveyance of the cloth, and the automatic continuous cutting is not possible. How does AMOR achieve automatic and continuous cutting of the fabric?

AMOR is equipped with automatic correcting function for the feeding system of automatic textile cutting machine, which realizes the accurate conveying of fabric without manual correction, and the continuous feeding error is controlled at 5mm.

Laser tube selection and maintenance method2019-02-19T02:43:43+00:00

First of all, let’s take a look at what kind of role the laser tube plays in a laser engraving machine. The laser tube is a consumable item such as consumables. In the laser engraving machine, the laser tube is a very core part, and the customer is buying a laser engraving machine. It is also very concerned about the use of laser tubes, such as the power consumption, the length of use, the quality of the laser tube spot, and the stability of the laser tube.

Secondly, let’s take a look at the selection of laser tubes. According to the engineers who have been engaged in the design and maintenance of laser engraving machines for many years, the laser tubes are not as powerful as they are in use. The function of laser tubes and laser tubes is There is a great connection. In the sales process, the sales staff of AMOR CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. will recommend suitable laser tube wattages to customers according to the actual situation. Basically, a 60W laser tube can be used as a watershed. A laser tube of 60w or less is suitable for engraving. A laser tube of 60w or more is suitable for cutting. Of course, if the customer is holding a 40w laser tube for cutting, it is not impossible, but it is a waste of physical labor when cutting, but it is easy to damage the laser tube; if you take a 100w laser tube to do the engraving, then the engraved goods The low accuracy does not meet the customer’s requirements for the product.

Of course, we must also talk about the daily maintenance methods of laser tubes. It must be said that maintenance and maintenance must first be said that the installation process must be reasonable. The so-called reasonable support means that the pivot point should be one quarter of the total length of the laser tube. Otherwise, it is easy to see the laser tube spot pattern deteriorate, so that some laser tubes will become a few points after working for a period of time, causing the laser tube power to drop and can not reach the target we need, so the laser tube is often replaced. The senior engineer of AMOR laser told us that the working current requirement of the laser tube must be reasonable. The laser tube should not be in the working condition of 90%-100% for a long time. The light intensity should be kept at 50%-60% when the laser tube is working. The actual material adjusts the working speed. It is necessary to rationalize the use of lasers and the use of laser energy conservation. The cleaning of the optical path system must be correct, otherwise the laser tube will be prematurely aged or broken.

How to use the laser cutting machine safely2019-02-19T02:36:01+00:00

First, strictly abide by the equipment operating procedures
1) When the equipment is shipped from the factory, it is equipped with the instruction manual of the equipment. It is safe and has no trivial matters. It needs to be strictly implemented according to the specifications on the instructions. When an emergency occurs, press the “Emergency Stop” button.

2) Before the laser equipment is turned on, it is necessary to check the safety facilities of the system, especially if the laser head and the laser are abnormal.

3) Daily maintenance of laser equipment.

Second, the site must be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment
The laser is a high-temperature beam. It also uses the laser thermal effect when engraving and cutting. Therefore, pay attention to the fire extinguisher during use. Remember to understand and master the use of the fire extinguisher.

Third, the location of the laser cutting machine as a warning reminder area for management
The installation and commissioning of the equipment after the factory requires professional personnel. The flammable materials should not be stored around the laser equipment, and the equipment should be reminded of danger. In the course of work, outsiders should also be prohibited from entering, so that our lives and property can be protected. .

Warning signs should be placed at the entrances and exits of the danger zone, including:
· Invisible laser radiation
· Four types of laser products
· Laser cutting machine power
· Prohibit outsiders from entering
· Pay attention to protect your eyes
When the laser cutting machine is working, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to approach the danger zone.

Fourth, no fatigue, drink operation
If the laser equipment is extremely dangerous due to improper operation, it should be kept away from the laser equipment when the operator is fatigued or drunk.

5. Direct viewing of the laser beam is strictly prohibited.
Laser equipment must not be in direct view during operation. It is usually recommended to wear a protective mirror or use a laser device to protect the cover from eye damage.

9 common sense to use laser engraving machine2019-02-19T02:29:51+00:00

1. The laser tube installation support point should be reasonable. Why is the fulcrum position of the laser tube generally in the quarter of the laser tube? We all know that the laser spot is an important part of the laser tube work. Any placement is likely to make the laser The mode of the tube is deteriorated, the power of the spot is dropped rapidly, and the processing demand is not met. The laser tube can only be replaced continuously, causing unnecessary losses to the enterprise.

2, water protection is also part of the cooling system, need to carry out inspection and cleaning, cooling water can not open the water protection float switch or can not reset, etc. will affect the use of laser engraving machine. Many manufacturers will choose to use short-circuit to solve the problem, but there will be security risks and it is not recommended. In addition, the water in the chiller should be good, otherwise it will be prone to blockage. The cleaning system and the water protection dirt should be thoroughly cleaned for a period of time to prevent the use of the laser equipment.

3. The laser cooling system should be grounded. Whether it is using a chiller or a water pump, it is necessary to carry out reasonable water temperature control. Otherwise, the winter freezing and the summer water temperature are too high, which will easily affect the operation of the machine.

4. The equipment suction device should be checked and cleaned regularly. The powder during processing will remain in the fan and duct, and the accumulation will affect the wind for a long time, and the ventilation will be poor. This will cause the residue to adhere to the lens, shortening the life of the lens or causing unacceptable workpieces.

5, focusing mirror and mirror inspection, focusing mirror and mirror is a device that needs frequent inspection and replacement, often occurs when the frame is heated, lens discoloration, film cracking, etc. are all areas that need to be replaced, especially in the non-conventional Operating in an environment will accelerate the aging of the lens, so it is necessary to check the lens from time to time.

6, the laser equipment working environment is also standardized, the laser equipment processing workpiece temperature should be appropriate, not too hot and too cold, and should be carried out in a relatively clean environment to avoid dust. Environments that are heavily polluted and too humid will accelerate the aging of equipment and accessories, which is not conducive to processing.

7. The factors of the workbench and processing materials are often neglected. When the cutting is not transparent, most operators will use the method of increasing the laser output power to operate the equipment, which will easily lead to premature aging of the laser tube.

8. The electricity specification, the electricity environment should be standardized, the power distribution and contact points of all parts required by the equipment should be good, and avoid sudden situations such as short circuit and power failure during processing.

9. When the laser power supply is used for a long time and is not ventilated, it will continue to be damaged. After the current is turned up, the temperature will rise rapidly, resulting in a high laser power failure rate.

Can we freely extract the outline of one or more graphics?2018-12-24T09:23:08+00:00

Of course, we can select the graphics that need to extract the contours on the software, and limit the range of the extracted contours to extract the outline of the specified graphics.

What kind of graphics are easier to extract contours quickly?2019-02-16T02:31:33+00:00

First of all: Add a closed black outline on the outside of the figure, the width of the outline is more than 2mm, the thicker the general outline, the easier it is to extract;

Secondly, a distance greater than 5 mm is left between the two figures, so that the contour can be fully contrasted with the background, so that the contour can be quickly extracted.

How to make the graphic contour cutting more precise?2018-12-24T09:21:39+00:00

This cutting machine consists of two systems – a contour recognition system and an automatic cutting system.To achieve the most accurate cutting, you must ensure that the reading of the graphic position is consistent between the two systems. We need to do the calibration work before using the machine. First, on a flat white paper, use the automatic cutting system to cut the square of the whole surface, use the contour cutting system to read the square position, and then compare the cutting system. With the position error of the contour recognition system, the contour recognition system can then be adjusted according to the actual cutting position of the square, thereby achieving consistency between the contour recognition system and the automatic cutting system coordinate points.

What are the benefits of using a cooling machine for a laser tube?2018-12-23T14:39:08+00:00

Firstly, the water circulation of the laser tube by the chiller is a closed loop, which can effectively prevent the external environment from polluting the water, especially in the environment of cloth cutting, preventing the dust of the cloth from falling into the circulating water;

Secondly, the large cooling machine we recommend for you have the function of automatic constant temperature, which guarantees 24 hours of machine work even in hot working conditions.

How to protect the laser tube in an environment below 0 degrees?2019-02-16T02:30:35+00:00

If the laser tube is in an inoperative state below the 0 degree environment, ice formation may occur, thereby damaging the laser tube. So how do you protect the laser tube?

First way: use heating measures to ensure that the temperature of the laser tube is above 0 °;
Second way: using antifreeze, it is recommended to use pure antifreeze instead of water in ultra-low environment, or add water and antifreeze in a ratio of 3:1;
Third way: make the water circulation of the laser tube always working.

When we cut fabrics, why do we recommend using air compressors instead of air pumps?2019-02-16T02:30:46+00:00

First, the air compressor can provide a larger and longer lasting gas relative to the air pump;

Secondly, we need to understand the role of the gas: the laser is accompanied by a gas in the process of cutting. The role of the gas is to enhance the cutting ability of the laser and to cool the cutting section of the material. The larger the airflow, the stronger the cutting ability of the laser. , the speed of cooling is also

The sooner.

Moreover, the material of the fabric is more easily carbonized than other materials, so we must ensure the rapid cooling of the fabric;

Therefore, we recommend using an air compressor to work and stabilize the cutting air pressure above 2 air pressures.

13 reasons for the low energy of the laser cutting machine2019-02-16T02:30:54+00:00

If the laser machine encounters the reasons and methods:
1. Vertical light is not correct—Adjust vertical light and re-adjust the light path if necessary.
2. The focus is not adjusted properly—-Re-focusing.
3, the voltage is unstable, the voltage is lower, the laser current is too small to replace the larger regulator, increase the laser current output.
4. The nozzle outlet is blocked by sputtered material—-cleaning the nozzle.
5, the protective gas is not available – clean the air pump, air filter, check the gas circulation path.
6. The mirror and focusing lens are contaminated—-clean the mirror and focusing mirror with cleaning solution.
7, laser tube power drop —- replace the laser tube.
8. The light control module on the motherboard is faulty—replace the motherboard.
9. There are potentiometer devices, potentiometer settings are too small or their own faults – adjust potentiometer settings or replace potentiometers.
10. The energy setting in the software is too small—-enhance energy.
11, material problems —- please choose the right materials
12. Focusing lens cracking or poor focusing effect—-Replace the focusing lens.
13, the dirt inside the laser tube is too much to dissipate heat – choose pure water.

How to maintain the chiller in winter2018-11-07T08:31:56+00:00

The chiller is also one of the key to the antifreeze of laser equipment. In the cold winter, many users think that the cold water temperature will not increase much. Therefore, it is often forgotten to change the water, especially in the winter, because the outside temperature is very low, it is difficult to feel the spindle motor heating.

Do not turn off the water cooler at night, set to energy saving, low temperature and normal temperature water temperature is adjusted to 5 ~ 10 °C, to ensure that the cooling liquid is in a circulating state and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point. After the daily use, the cooling liquid in the laser tube and the water cooling machine are drained.
❥ In addition, antifreeze can be used. It generally consists of alcohol and water, requires high boiling point and flash point, large specific heat and conductivity, low temperature viscosity, not easy to foam, and does not corrode metal parts, rubber hoses, etc. It is added to the chiller tank of the laser equipment to prevent the cooling water from freezing, so that the chiller can start normally during the cold winter.
Any antifreeze cannot completely replace deionized water and cannot be used for a long time throughout the year. After the winter, the pipeline must be cleaned with deionized water or purified water, and deionized water or purified water should be used as a coolant.

laser machine for cutting

How to maintain the guide rail and small bearings of the laser machine2019-02-16T02:31:09+00:00

As the core component of the laser machine, the small bearings and the shafts on the laser slider need to be cleaned and maintained every day. If you do not pay attention to the cutting residue stuck on the surface, it will cause serious problems such as severe rusting of the bearing and the optical axis, cutting and jamming, lost steps, bearing deformation, and deformation of the cutting pattern.

How to maintain:
The cleaning work begins before the machine is turned on. Wipe the optical axis and the bearing with a clean cloth to remove oil traces, dust and debris. Please note that the optical axis and bearings in the work must not have oil, otherwise it will easily adhere to the dust and cause the pulley bearing to jam;

The cleaning work begins after the machine has been shut down. Wipe the shaft and bearings with a clean cloth to remove dust and debris. Then, according to the actual situation, wipe the machine with a little sewing machine oil and lubricate the machine. Can be once a week. Please do not drop the oil directly, otherwise the excess oil will leak, and after dropping onto the machine table, it will cause aging effects on the lines inside the machine chain.

laser cutter laser cutting machine







The laser machine has two symmetrical shafts on each of the guide rails, and all need to be in place.
In short, the cleaning work needs to be done every day, but the oil lubrication can be carried out once every ten days and a half.

How to maintain the laser tube in winter2018-11-07T08:19:18+00:00

❥If the laser tube cannot be guaranteed to be in an environment above 0 degrees Celsius, it is recommended that the water cooler be not turned off at night and that the water temperature is not set to be energy-saving. The low temperature and normal temperature water temperature are adjusted to 5 ~ 10 °C. , to ensure that the laser tube cooling liquid is in a circulating state and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.
❥ Conditional users can use antifreeze instead of normal water for the cooling cycle. (It is suitable for rooms in the mid-cold area where the temperature below zero is not too long or the room heating effect is not good).


How to choose the laser tube of CO2 laser cutting machine2019-02-16T02:31:18+00:00

When we choose a laser cutting machine, we must consider the quality of the machine. The most important accessory is the laser tube. A good laser tube not only has a long service life, high energy, stable cutting, but also can achieve the best cutting effect. So how to choose a laser tube? AMOR recommends using the RECI brand laser tube. Compared with similar products, it not only has stable performance, but also has a long service life. More importantly, it has a high-quality spot (light emitted by the RECI laser tube,the spot is a round shape) perfect for cutting edges, especially when cutting white materials such as felt, leather, EVA and more.


What can we do If laser machines 3040/6040 no fire.2018-10-02T16:41:50+00:00

There are 3 reasons. water ,tube and power supply. need to check one by one.

1. pls make sure water in /out works well in tube

2. Find the “TEST” on the power supply ,pls note, it is “TEST “on power supply ,not “Test” on panel. see whether there is laser out when you press this button. if yes, means tube and power supply no problem .problem with the water sensor (whitewater protect system), clean it carefully or cut it and connect the two wires directly. the machine will work well again.

3.If there is no laser out when you press “TEST” on power supply. then the tube or the power supply has problem. now pls listen whether there is a fire sound , fire sound means power supply no problem ,problem is tube. otherwise, the power supply is broken already.

Why the tube has 2 beams when working?2018-10-02T16:40:15+00:00

Please check the water and whether the laser power is too low,try to change clean water and improve the laser power to check whether there is still 2 beams.

What power and speed of AMO- 3040/6040 model laser should i use to engrave and cut2018-10-02T16:39:17+00:00

1.Engraving: normally use 30% power and engraving speed 300mm/s, like engrave wood, acrylic. if material very hard to engrave, then add some power and make speed slow, just like a rubber sheet.

2.Cutting : power 30%,speed 5-15mm/s . paper is easy to cut , could add speed to 25mm/s.if thick acrylic , use power 60% ,speed 3-5mm/s. pls adjust the power and speed according to this, Believe you could use machine friendly soon

What can we do if laser machine 6090/1290/1325 no fire out2018-10-02T16:36:45+00:00

If machine no fire, the problem may be the water system . see whether the water in and out works well. CW-3000/5000 industry chiller. please check whether this chiller works well, if chiller doesn’t work well, please try to make it short-circuited to see whether the laser tube fire again.

also, need check Power on the machine, press the “test” on the power supply. if the laser fire means the water protection system has a problem. If there is no fire out, means the tube or power supply has a problem.

Open the laser power and press “TEST”, if tube fires. your tube works well. if no fire comes out and there is Ignition sound, means your tube is broken.sorry then, need to change a new one

Laser machine needs attention to maintenance during the winter2018-07-04T08:40:32+00:00

Cold weather can cause great damage to the use of laser cutting equipment. We must pay attention to the antifreeze work of laser cutting equipment in winter. For details, please refer to the following:


1. Ensure that the working environment temperature is above zero and improve the workshop heating. If there is absolutely no power outage in the local area, the water cooler will not be turned off at night, and at the same time, energy saving, low temperature and normal temperature water temperature will be adjusted until the cooling water is in a circulating state and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.
2. Although the effect of temperature on the laser cutting machine is not particularly large, but because many users will add butter to the screw, the winter will definitely forget to clean up, so that every time you turn on the machine will not move. The winter in the north is very cold, and the temperature in the studio will be very low. Even with the addition of oil, the machine will not move. At this time we have to ensure the temperature in the workplace to reach the minimum temperature of the fueling standard.

Cooling water:

(1) For a continuously operating cold water refrigerator, the water body generally does not freeze when it is flowing.

(2) Since the cooling water needs to be replaced every day in the summer to avoid exceeding the specified temperature, many users will ignore this in the cold winter, and think that the cold water temperature will not increase much. Therefore, many users often forget to change the water, especially in the winter, because the outside temperature is very low, it is difficult to feel the spindle motor heating.

Therefore, we especially remind the user that the cooling water is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the spindle motor. If the cooling water is too dirty, it will cause serious damage to the motor, ensure the cleaning of the cooling water and the normal operation of the pump.

Prevent fiber laser cutting machine from “condensation” in summer2018-07-04T08:34:47+00:00

The AMOR laser’s special water cooler can automatically adjust the water temperature according to temperature and humidity. Under normal circumstances, customers can use it without changing any settings on the water cooler.

For fiber optic powers of 1000W and below, it is recommended to first open the fiber after a period of water, so the benefits are:
1. When the temperature is low, the water can be heated after a period of time, which is conducive to the normal operation of the fiber optic.

2. When the humidity is high, the condensation may occur inside when the water is just flowing. After the water is circulated for a period of time, the water cooler automatically adjusts to the proper water temperature to eliminate condensation.

3. The fiber optic device above 1000W has a dehumidification device to reduce the humidity inside the fiber optimize and reduce the dew point. Each fiber optic manufacturer requires that the fiber optic device be powered on first, and then the dehumidification device is operated for a period of time before passing through the water.

The multi-zone water-cooling machine of different models is measured. Under the automatic temperature control condition, the low-temperature water temperature is about 5 °C higher than the dew point, and the high-temperature water temperature is about 10 °C higher than the dew point. If the water cooler used by the customer is not equipped with our standard or special reasons, we should set the water temperature by ourselves. It is recommended that the customer set the low-temperature water temperature to 5 °C higher than the dew point, and the high-temperature water temperature is 10 °C higher than the dew point.

How to maintain a laser cutting machine2018-06-10T08:49:17+00:00

1. Clean the blower; Using a blower for a long time will cause a lot of solid dust to accumulate inside it, causing a lot of noise, and it is also not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. When there is insufficient suction and the smoke is not discharged in time, first turn off the power supply, remove the air inlet and outlet ducts on the fan, remove the dust inside, then turn the fan upside down and pull the blades inside until it is clean, then Install the fan.

2. Clean the lenses (tips: clean before work every day, the device is turned off) There are 3 mirrors and 1 focus lens on the engraving machine (No. 1 reflector is located at the exit of the laser tube, which is the upper left corner of the machine, 2 The mirror is located at the left end of the beam, the mirror No. 3 is located at the top of the fixed part of the laser head, and the focusing lens is located in the adjustable barrel in the lower part of the laser head.The lens is easily stained with dust or other contaminants, resulting in lens damage, affecting the laser Quality No. 1 and No. 2 lenses do not need to be removed when cleaning, just wipe the cleaning lens with a cleaning liquid carefully along the center of the lens to the edge of the rotary wipe.No. 3 lenses and focusing lenses need to be removed from the frame, Use the same method to wipe it.

Note: 1. The lens should be gently wiped, and the surface coating should not be damaged; 2. The wiping process should be carried out gently to prevent falling; 3. When installing the focusing lens, be sure to keep the concave face down.

3: Clean the guide rail (It is recommended to clean it once every two weeks, shutdown operation). During the operation of the equipment, a large amount of corrosive dust and fumes will be generated. These fumes and dust will be deposited on the surface of the rails for a long period of time, which will have a great influence on the processing accuracy of the equipment, and will form pits on the surface of the linear axis of the guide rails. Equipment life. In order to make the machine work normally and ensure the processing quality of the product, we must do a good job of daily maintenance of the guide rail. The
Note: Please prepare the cleaning guide rails – dry cotton cloth, lubricants The machine guide laser engraving machine rails are divided into linear guides and roller guides. In the YM series, linear guides are used in the X direction and roller guides are used in the Y direction.

4. Clean water tank Suggestion: Clean the water tank and replace the circulating water once a week Note: Before the machine works, it must ensure that the laser tube is full of circulating water. The quality of the circulating water and the temperature of the water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. It is recommended to use pure water and control the temperature of the water below 35°C. If more than 35 °C need to replace the circulating water, or add ice cubes to the water to reduce the water temperature, (recommended users to choose the cooler, or use two tanks). Cleaning the water tank: First, turn off the power and unplug the inlet water pipe so that the water in the laser tube automatically flows into the water tank. Open the water tank, remove the water pump, and remove the dirt on the water pump. Clean the water tank, replace the circulating water, return the water pump to the water tank, insert the water pipe connected to the water pump into the water inlet, and clean the joints. Leave the pump alone and run for 2-3 minutes (make the laser tube full of circulating water).

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