If you want to have a machine that really suits your use, you first need to tell us the answers to these four questions:
• The material you need to process, such as metal, fabric, or MDF;
• What is the width, length, and thickness of the material you need to process?
• What is the maximum size of the graphic you need to cut or sculpt?
• Do you need to cut or engraving?

When we get the answer to this question, we will provide professional and meaningful suggestions based on our accumulated experience in the use of the industry to help you get the right machine for you. Of course, if you want to see the results more intuitively, or if your materials are unique, did you want to test the material with our CNC laser or blade? Our sample production room can help determine which device is best for your application.

The communication required to make the sample:

To help us conduct the test, we need you to send it to us:

• The shape and size of the shape you need to cut or engraving.
• Try to send as many pieces of material as possible so that we can fine-tune the effect according to your requirements;
Through testing, we will provide a detailed report tailored to your specific problem and application and send the processed material to you. In the sample report.

we will include the following:

• Sample production parameters: speed, laser power, etc.
• Sample production video;
• Our recommended machine model, configuration list;
• Whether you need to upgrade some configurations of the machine, such as transmissions, auxiliary systems, etc., to better meet your job requirement.

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