300W metal / non-metallic laser cutting machine cutting 30mm acrylic, using a knife platform to reduce the cutting area of the platform and materials, inflatable volume should be small, the cutting effect and crystal as beautiful.

Metal non-metallic laser cutting machine is a laser machine that can simultaneously cut metal and non-metallic materials. It works the same way as ordinary laser engraving machine. The laser equipment we see at ordinary times is either a metal laser cutting machine or a non-metallic laser engraving machine. As a result, many customers want to have a laser equipment that can process both metal and non-metal. General cutting metal laser type is fiber laser, laser cutting type of non-metallic materials are CO2 laser if customers need to cut metal materials, but also cutting non-metallic materials, it is necessary to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, buy one CO2 laser cutting machine, the need to invest a lot of costs, but also requires a larger installation site, if you are only cutting stainless steel plate within 2mm, carbon steel plate, the purchase of an expensive fiber laser cutting machine is not necessary, Because we provide you a laser hybrid cutting machine, can be very good cutting metal materials within 2mm, in addition, you can cut 30mm acrylic, 20mm MDF, and other non-metallic materials.

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