5 advantages of AMOR 1390 EVA foam laser cutter:

1. Stable laser generator——AMOR chooses the laser tube of the RECI brand, which can ensure the stability and use time of the laser tube from quality inspection, quality inspection to life assessment.

2. Laser power is an important accessory for EVA foam laser cutting machine. The AMOR laser power supply has no failure for an average of three years, and the output power is more stable. Even if it works for a long time, it will not affect the power of the laser tube.

3. Imported molybdenum mirror with high reflectivity and good heat dissipation.

4. Equipped with three-phase stepper motor and driver; imported Taiwan PMI linear guide, its accuracy reaches ± 0.5MM, and its service life is up to 5-10 years.

5. The EVA foam laser cutting machine uses a closed-type constant temperature cold water system to ensure that the laser tube works stably for a long time and prolongs the life of the laser tube.