Clothing fabric punching with four-head laser cutting machine

The AMOR1610 four-head laser cutting machine uses four laser tubes, four laser power supplies, four optical paths, and four laser heads.

The processing efficiency of one machine is equal to four single-head machines, and the full-size surface can be processed like a single head. machine.

1. Configure four sets of higher power laser generation systems and intelligent nesting software. According to the graphics designed in the software, the four laser heads can process the materials at the same time and can use a laser head to cut, punch or engrave the full-face.
2. With the four-headed mutual structure, the distance between the four laser heads can be set arbitrarily according to the width of the cut fabric, which greatly saves the fabric.

The laser cutting machine helps enterprises realize the processing and engraving requirements for large-format leather and fabric. It is suitable for cutting for computer embroidery, appliqué embroidery, handicrafts, fabric leather and other materials.
It has a user-friendly operating platform,
Advanced DSP digital control technology,
Convenient USB data transfer.
Fast processing, material saving, pattern making, easy modification of the model, high cutting efficiency and good quality.