The AMO1625V vibratory knife cutting machine has been specially developed for the automotive interior industry. There are fixed equipment and feeding equipment. The material required for the wire ring pad, the full pad, the car seat cover, the car seat cushion, etc. can be cut with a vibrating knife. This blade cutting method has a good cutting effect, high speed and environmental protection.

Machine features:
● Easy maintenance, high reliability and low cost, it is convenient to customize special programs and remote upgrade for users’ individual needs;

● Adopting the international advanced replaceable head design concept, the tool head is not fixedly welded, and can be easily replaced and added with different function heads according to actual work needs and business scope expansion;

● Adopt servo motor to drive the screw control mode, which can preset the deep knife pressure of the storage knife. Compared with the old pneumatic head, it completely bids farewell to the history of manually adjusting the deep knife pressure of the knife. It can be easily digitally fine-tuned and completely solved. The problem that the pneumatic pressure cannot be constant with the temperature and the fluctuation of the time;

● The controller has been upgraded to the era of high-performance integrated circuit controllers from the era of computer motherboard card era, and can be connected with any ordinary computer, without special high-equipped computers;

● Considering the customer’s use environment, the anti-interference operation screen is configured, and the work is not affected by the surrounding electronic environment, and will not be screened;

● Adopting domestic advanced explosion-proof treatment design (which can prevent short circuit of conductive powder), special treatment for lines and interfaces;

● Add special stabilizing device to effectively reduce the jitter of equipment and keep the performance of the machine stable and accurate for a long time;

● AMOR1625V series equipment adopts advanced and mature rolling table design, the platform can be customized in size, the theoretical cutting length is unlimited, vacuum suction design, super wind and strong suction (small sample adsorption is no longer difficult);

● Configure a variety of tools and pen tools such as vibrating knife, drag knife, round knife (optional with a wheel cutter, pneumatic round knife), etc., depending on the different needs of different materials, such as writing lines, dotted lines, and half Cut and cut, full cut and other functions, can cut a variety of flexible materials such as sponge composite leather, XPE materials, wire ring pads, leather, soft glass, silicone, rubber materials.