The automatic CNC fabric cutting machine is designed for printing fabrics and digital printing rolls, from visual recognition of contours – cutting completion – fully automatic feeding – again automatically identifying contour cuts – until the entire roll of fabric is cut without manual intervention. Automated cutting of printed fabrics is achieved, Recognize pattern contour accuracy up to 0.25MM while ensuring more than 10 times faster than manual efficiency.

1. Ensure that the high-strength cutting printing fabric has a good effect every year, the cloth edge is smooth and natural, and it can also be replaced by a vibrating sharp knife!

2. AMOR’s self-developed CCD large-format camera pattern contour recognition system, equipped with a Japanese 18-megapixel Canon camera and a professional focusing lens to capture the outline of the printed graphics. The system automatically extracts the contour of the figure to achieve precise cutting of the contour of the figure.

3. The speed of extracting the contour of the graphic is very fast. It takes only 6 seconds to complete the extraction of the contour for all the graphics in the width of the &1.6 m wide and X1.1 m long.

4, the machine is simple and easy to learn, suitable for garment printing, digital printing and other industries cutting, such as intelligent LCD control screen, able to display the cutting trajectory, workers only need half a day training to independently operate the cutting.

5, round knife and vibrating knife with the use, environmental protection, no pollution, no smell, easy to recruit, the material does not yellow and not black after cutting.

6. Digitized Japan imported servo-controlled motor and drive system to ensure accurate and high-speed cutting.

7. Configure a large-flow vacuum adsorption device controlled by a powerful inverter. Delayed start will not affect the power supply. Customized zone absorbing can be customized, equipped with speaker and silencer, even when operating in a quiet office building.

8, can also identify the embroidery pattern, a variety of embroidery or printed trademarks, woven patterns, as well as advertising industry color printing KT, Chevron board billboards.