The laser cutting machine is equipped with a contour recognition system that can quickly and accurately cut graphic contours such as printed fabrics and trademarks.

There are two types of contour recognition systems:

1. Small CCD, professional cutting of graphics smaller than 13cm, wordmark, hoe and other patterns of cutting. The small CCD recognition profile system can also use Mark point positioning and cut large format graphics by identifying printed design drawings;

2. Large format CCD, equipped with a Canon camera with 1.8 megapixels, mainly for fast cutting of large-format sublimation transfer fabric, automatic recognition of graphic contours, and automatic correction function to overcome the deformation of elastic fabric. The automatic feeding system enables fast, accurate and automated cutting of fabrics such as printing.

How to achieve rapid cutting of pattern outlines?

1. The system of small CCD recognition contour can adopt a double-head synchronous cutting method to improve cutting efficiency.

2. Large-format visual CCD contour cutting system can adopt a double-head asynchronous cutting method to improve cutting efficiency.

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