1. AMO1610 car seat cover laser cutting machine is mainly used for car seat cover cutting, working width: width 1600 mm, using crawler work platform, equipped with the automatic feeding device, continuous and accurate feed cutting.

2. Continuous splicing and smart typesetting: Continuous cutting of rolled leather/fabric can be performed, equipped with intelligent typesetting system, continuous processing without manual intervention, and better material saving. The working efficiency of a car seat cover laser cutting machine can satisfy the production of 5 skilled sewing workers.

3AMO1610. The automobile seat laser cutting machine adopts industrial-grade refrigeration equipment, which ensures that the machine can still work for 24 hours in a hot environment so that the laser tube is stable and ensures the service life of the laser tube;

4. Reduce leather waste: equipped with intelligent typesetting software, Automatic discharge, low requirements for operating workers. When cutting leather car seat cover, it can also avoid leather dead spots, thereby improving the cutting quality and reducing leather waste.

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