The CNC Oscillating knife cutter can cut a wide range of EVA foams. It can cut different patterns and can cut a maximum thickness of 50mm. The CNC Oscillating knife cutter can be equipped with slotting knives at different angles to meet the bevel cut or “V” groove of EVA foam.

The sponge CNC cutting machine has two cutting heads:
AMOR vibrating knife cutting head, V-shaped cutting head. Sponge cutting machine can cut honeycomb paperboard, acrylic board, sound insulation cotton, plastic corrugated board, gray board paper, white cardboard, film, composite material, leather material, cloth, rubber sheet, pearl cotton, the aluminum composite board of 30 or less. And a variety of materials such as foam KT board.
The V-cut system can cut V-grooves of 5 different angles such as 45°, 30°, 22.5°, 15°, and 0°.

Sponge/foam CNC cutting machine advantages:

1), transmission mode – Taiwan linear guide rail is used as the transmission track to ensure the high-speed operation and high precision.

2) The sponge cutting machine adopts a set of advanced and quick-changing tools, and different cutter heads are arranged according to the requirements of various processing materials.

3), using an advanced frequency conversion system, 30% energy saving than similar.