AMO1610 felt laser cutting machine is mainly used for the cutting of felt caps, felt bags, felt shoes, felt pads and other products. The biggest advantage of laser cutting felt: it can meet the cutting of various complex graphics and meet the large-format cutting of felt.

Felt cutting machine data:
Product model:                                 AMO1610, AMO1812 laser cutting machine
Laser power :                                     80W/100W/150W X 2 (optional)
Laser type :                                         CO2 sealed-off glass laser, 10.6μm
Effective format:                                1600*1000mm or 1800X1200mm(optional)
Cooling method:                                Water cooling
Engraving scanning speed:             0-70000mm/min
Cutting speed :                                   0-40000mm/min
Laser Energy Control:                      1-100% Software Settings
Minimum forming text:                   English 1.0mm*1.0mm
Maximum scanning accuracy:        2500DPI
Positioning accuracy :                      ≤±0.01mm
Supported graphic formats :            PLT, AI, BMP, DST, DXF support software CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, AUTOCAD, Tajima embroidery software, various                                                                  clothing CAD software

Advantages of laser cutting felt:

1. It can satisfy the cutting of 1-9 layers according to the thickness of the felt;
2, no need for mold, can meet the cutting of any graphics;
3, laser cutting is a non-contact cutting, which can meet the cutting of complex graphics;
4, can meet large-volume, large-format felt processing.

5.Easy to use, one person can operate 3-4 machines at the same time.