Colored felt is widely used in coasters, placemats, bags, message boards, decorations, and other products. In order to better meet the design of felt products and achieve fast cutting processing, you can choose a felt laser cutting machine. AMOR felt laser machine is widely used in the cutting and engraving of felt, which can meet the cutting of different graphics, simple to use and high production efficiency.

Advantages of the AMOR laser felt cutter:

1. High production efficiency, which can meet the mass production of felt products, especially suitable for cutting complex graphics products;
2, the machine is simple to operate, you only need to enter the graphics into the computer to start cutting;
3, using intelligent software operation, suitable for cutting different patterns, more flexible than mold cutting.
4, versatile, not only can cut the felt but also can be carved on the surface of the felt.

Felt laser cutting machine features:

1. Fast curve cutting function: any curve can be cut continuously and quickly, and the movement process of the laser head is smooth.
2, support CAD, Coreldraw, PHOTOSHOP and other design software, friendly man-machine interface, close to the industry site needs
3, multi-document function: This series of equipment can store up to 256 job files, in the case of completely out of the computer, the user can select files on the engraving machine, easy to achieve mass production of 256 different products.
4. The optical isolation system is designed with a high-speed differential input and output circuit. The signal is not distorted during long-distance transmission, and the anti-interference ability is strong. The system realizes 12-way working status output and 16-channel status input, which can be easily connected with the user’s production site.
5, large-format laser cutting incision smooth and fine, to meet the entire fabric, acrylic, corrugated paper, and other materials, processing.
6. The optical path is stable and designed with the industrial water-cooling machine to ensure the laser power output is consistent at all positions on the work surface when the large-format cutting is performed, the efficiency is high, and the processing quality is stable.
7, can be customized according to user needs.