Filtration is an important environmental protection and safety control process, from industrial gas-solid separation, gas-liquid separation, solid-liquid separation, solid-solid separation, as small as daily air purification and water purification in home appliances, has become more and more extensive The ground is applied to various fields.

Filter cloth material that laser can cut:

At present, the filter materials are mainly fiber materials, woven fabrics and metal materials, especially fiber materials are most widely used, mainly cotton, wool, hemp, silk, viscose fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, acrylic, nitrile spandex, aryl sulfone. Synthetic fibers such as rayon, as well as glass fibers, ceramic fibers, metal fibers, and the like. The application field continues to expand and the filter materials are constantly evolving, from dust cloth, dust bag, filter, filter cartridge, filter, filter cotton to filter.
Comparison of laser cutting filter cloth and traditional cutting method:

In the cutting of the glass fiber dust cloth, the traditional method is manual cutting, but because the glass fiber is extremely thin, it is easy to damage the human body during the cutting process and the efficiency is extremely slow.
The laser can punch the filter material in various specifications and various patterns.

The traditional process of production requires eight steps from designing graphics to receiving materials. The laser requires only three steps. The laser can precisely trim the rolled filter material in one shot to enhance the actual effect of filtration.

Filter cloth, filter bag cutting machine with laser fabric cutting machine:
5 advantages of laser cutting filter cloth and filter bag:
1. The laser can punch and cut various specifications and various patterns on the filter cloth, especially in micro-hole processing. It is difficult to reach the established requirements in the traditional way. The laser cutting filter cloth is used to meet the requirements of the filtration industry. Fine requirements;

2. The laser cutting filter cloth can realize the automatic locking of the cutting edge, the cutting edge is smooth, and the wire is not drawn, which can enhance the filtering effect of the filter bag;

3. The laser filter cloth cutting machine is equipped with an automatic feeding system, which can realize continuous and automatic cutting for the whole roll filter cloth, saving labor and improving efficiency;

4. The system can be equipped with automatic marking pen to realize cutting, punching and marking at one time, without manual scribing, simplifying the production process and achieving higher efficiency;

5. Achieve better cooperation between cutting and sewing, high cutting edge quality and cutting standard, which is conducive to the improvement of sewing efficiency and improve overall production efficiency.

3 advantages of AMOR laser filter cloth cutting machine:
1. The automatic feeding system is equipped with an automatic correcting function, which ensures the accuracy of the continuous conveying of the machine and avoids material waste caused by feeding deviation.

2. Our machine is equipped with a three-dimensional indoor smoke extraction system, which adopts the upper and lowers ventilation modes.
The control of indoor smoke is very important for the filter cloth laser cutting machine. Considering to provide a better environment for customers, we have set up the upper exhaust system, and our upper exhaust is not a general “following” structure, but adopted ” Wraparound design, which has two advantages:

A. Surround the laser head, even if the laser head is in the process of rapid cutting, it can ensure the adsorption of smoke;
B. Solving the problem of large smoke at the edge of the working platform. The structure of the lower exhaust is designed as a “funnel” central exhaust, so the soot on the edge of the machine table cannot be handled well, and the wraparound upper exhaust can be very good. Machine edge
The smoke is disposed of.
In this way, we provide a better working environment for the operators, which is beneficial to the company’s management of employees.

3. AMOR has a wealth of application experience in the filter cloth industry, which can help customers achieve automated production and reduce the dependence of production on skilled workers.

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