Filter fabric Laser Cutting Machine for Filtration Industry.

The advantages of laser cutting filter fabrics:
First, a more secure cutting method: Laser cutting of the filter cloth can automatically lock the edge, which is a safer and more efficient cutting method, especially in the cutting of fiberglass cloth.

Second, high-precision cutting: filter materials require more and more detailed pores, especially in the micro-hole processing, the traditional way is difficult to reach the established requirements. The laser can cut various patterns for the filter cloth.

Third, the cutting cost of the filter cloth is reduced: through the laser cutting of the filter cloth, the use of automated processing reduces the number of production processes, one forming, satisfies the requirements of the cutting, drilling, trimming of the filter cloth, and reduces the production cost.

Core configuration:
Automatic feeding system: With the function of automatically correcting the feeding accuracy, the entire roll of filter cloth can be continuously cut.

Feeding belts: The automatic feeding platform breaks the limit of the length of the machine facing the cutting fabric and realizes the ultra-wide cutting of the fabric.

Automatic marker software: Intelligent marker software, fast cutting material typesetting for cutting graphics.

Filter Fabric laser Cutting Machine for Fiberglass Cloth.

Vacuum Adsorption Platform: Utilizing a honeycombed honeycomb platform, the suction force of the suction fan on the fabric is increased, and the material is firmly fixed on the platform.

Wrap-around smoking system: With the on-draft ventilation system, the laser head is synchronized with the smoking system, the smoke exhausting effect is good, the energy saving is reduced, the cleaning is safe, and the cutting site is free from any smoke and dust.