The combination of laser cutting and intelligent projection positioning technology enables the perfect cutting of the flying woven upper. The cutting speed is fast and the precision is high, which reduces the dependence of the flying woven upper cutting on the artificial and improves the production process.

Advantages of laser cutting flying woven uppers:

1. The laser cutting gap is small, the speed is fast, the slit is clean and smooth, and the seam is automatically locked.

2, can be based on the number of pieces to make layout, to provide customers with the best nesting program.

2, no need for mold, easy to use, only need computer graphics, the graphics can be cut into the machine.

3. Optional automatic board software for easy layout and material saving.

4, the graphics are stored in the computer, no special site to store the mold.

6, can be used for cloth, leather, plastic, woven and other non-metallic materials cutting and engraving, a multi-purpose machine.

7, can be configured according to the customer’s processing needs, single or double head.

9. Using projection positioning, remotely monitor the host and accurately record the shape and bad area of the upper.

10, the upper projection positioning cutting, rapid swatch automatic typesetting, improve the utilization of the upper, reduce production costs.