Comparison of multi-layer fabric automatic cutting machine and manual cutting:

1. Improve the utilization rate of the fabric; use the automatic nesting software to discharge the pieces to improve the efficiency of the discharge, and the operator can realize the rapid nesting as long as they are familiar with the computer;

2. Save production costs; computer controlled automatic cutting, instead of a large number of cutting workers, to achieve mass production;

3. Improve the standard of cloth cutting; the precision of the cutting piece cut by the equipment is high, and the lathe can directly sew the seam without trimming the piece, effectively improving the sewing efficiency of the lathe;

Advantages of AMOR CNC fabric cutting machine:
1 CNC fabric cutting machine control software supports a variety of data formats: you can directly receive commonly used clothing design, typesetting software;

2 Unique algorithm and motion control technology realize the seamless connection between the straight line and arc, and the cutting precision is high;

3 The equipment adopts automatic sharpening technology, and the grinding time can be designed according to the characteristics of the fabric, which effectively extends the service life of the cutting knife;

4 No need to print, keep the paper version, have high recycling rate, and facilitate plate making management;

5 consumables are easy to replace, and the replacement cost is low;

6 a high degree of automation, simple operation.

7 new high-efficiency energy-saving pump design to reduce equipment noise. In the same performance situation, reduce power and save energy.

8 intelligent cutting cutter control software effectively improves the cutting quality from top to bottom.

9 long-life bristle brick cutting window, the blade can penetrate the surface without damage.

10 picking zone conveyors can be operated independently or synchronously.