What is a carbon fiber prepreg?
Prepreg (Pre-impregnated Materials) is a prepreg sheet product obtained by immersing a matrix in a reinforced fiber (Reinforced Fiber) and is an intermediate material of the composite material.
Carbon fiber prepreg is a composite material made of carbon fiber yarn, resin matrix, release paper, and other materials through the coating, hot pressing, cooling, film coating, coiling, and other processes, also known as carbon fiber cloth.


Performance characteristics?

• High strength and low density: carbon fiber prepreg can reach 6-12 times the strength of steel, and density is only one-quarter of steel.
• Good plasticity: It can be made into any shape according to the shape of the mold, and it is easy to form and easy to process.
• Corrosion resistant and long life.

Carbon fiber prepreg type?
The types of carbon fiber prepregs are unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg and woven carbon fiber prepreg. The unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg has the greatest strength in the fiber direction and is usually used for laminates with different combinations of directions, while woven carbon fiber prepreg The dip has different weaving patterns, the strength of which is about equal in both directions and can be applied to different structures.


Application industry:
Widely used in fishing tools, sports equipment, sporting goods, aerospace, and other fields, the military used to manufacture rockets, missiles, satellites, radar, bulletproof cars, bulletproof vests, and other important military products.


Carbon fiber prepreg production process steps?

• The fiber bundle is assembled into the required content and width, and then the fibers are evenly separated by the fiber frame, and the resin is heated and coated on the upper and lower release paper.
• The upper and lower release paper of the fiber and the coating resin are simultaneously introduced into the roller, and the fiber is placed between the upper and lower release papers, and the resin is evenly dispersed between the fibers by the pressure of the roller.
• The fiber is impregnated with resin and then cooled or dried and then processed into a roll of fabric.


Carbon fiber cloth cutting machine:

[Non-laser cutting, no scorch, no discoloration, no odor, ultra-high frequency oscillating knife cutting technology, smooth and flat edges, beautiful appearance, no need for secondary trimming].

◇ 【can cut a variety of materials】: leather, carbon fiber prepreg, carbon cloth, aramid, clothing fabrics, KT board, honeycomb board, acrylic board, plastic board, PVC soft glass, sponge, fireproof cotton and other flexible materials.

◇【Include】:——Six function modules for data collection, design, paper output, proofing, typesetting, and cutting

◇【High-tech】: UHF vibrating knife technology achieves perfect cutting.

◇【High speed】: Cut a 100mm diameter circle in just 5 seconds.

◇【High efficiency】: Die cutting, punching and forming work can be completed without cutting die and die cutting machine, which can save a lot of manpower, die and equipment costs.

◇ draw lines, drawings, text labels, indentations, half-knife cuts, full-knife cuts, once completed. Meet the production goals of small batches, multiple orders, and multiple styles.

The cutting machine drive system adopts imported linear guides, racks and timing belts, and the cutting precision completely reaches the zero error of the round-trip origin.

◇ Friendly high-definition touch screen man-machine interface, easy to operate, easy to learn. Standard RJ45 network data transmission, fast speed, stable and reliable transmission.

Carbon fiber cutting solution
What can happen when cutting AMOR solution
Material properties It is a fiber material with a carbon content of 95% or more. It has the characteristics of low density, high strength, lightweight, and high-temperature resistance.
Carbon fiber During the cutting process, the cloth is drawn and the cutting edges are not aligned. Oscillating knife cutting technology – vibration frequency up to 22000 / m, completely solve the problem of cloth drawing and cutting edges are not neat.
Faced with different strength carbon fiber cloth cutting problems To meet the same conditions of cutting depth, we use repeated cutting experiments on carbon fiber materials using tools of different materials, sizes, and shapes. Therefore, a series of parameter adjustments are made to ensure the cutting effect of carbon fiber materials of different strengths.
The angles of the fibers are different, and the problem encountered in nesting – carbon fiber is expensive and requires material savings. Adopt AMOR intelligent nesting software. For woven carbon fiber materials, a mixed layout mode is used; for unidirectional carbon fibers, the nesting direction can be set to meet the cutting requirements.



















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