Lace fabric laser cutting machine for lace edges.

The video shows how to cut the edges of a lace fabric with a large-format CCD fabric laser cutter. The 18-megapixel camera automatically extracts the outline of the pattern, enabling accurate and fast cutting of the contour of the pattern.


Machine features:
1. High-speed automatic textile laser cutting machine adopts high-definition camera to realize large-format high-precision and rapid imaging, avoiding errors caused by stitching images.

2, flexible point positioning, multiple patterns to identify, fast cutting. Self-seeking to extract the outline of the figure, correct the deformable pattern, and solve the problems of material deformation and stretching.

It is the ideal choice for fast, accurate and automated cutting in the factory to meet the needs of the individual design.

Machine advantage:
1. Lace edge automatic fabric laser cutting machine mainly solves the problem of graphic deformation in the process of cutting embroidery products such as lace and wedding dress. The deformation pattern can be automatically corrected, and the cutting is performed with high precision along the edge.

2. The working efficiency of one machine is equal to the traditional cutting method of 4 human workers;

3. Reduce the number of labor, easy to use the machine, high cutting precision, improve product quality;

4. Automatically lock the edges while cutting, to avoid the problem of drawing in the lace fabric during the processing;

5. Automatically smoke and ventilate to improve the working environment;

6. Multi-head cutting system for fabric laser cutting machine can help save time and greatly improve processing efficiency;

Application industry:
Widely used in wedding lace embroidery, digital printing, models, handicrafts, advertising and decoration, packaging and printing, clothing, leather, cloth toys, electronic appliances, paper products, and other industries.