There are two types of AMOR CCD camera laser cutters:Top camera laser cutter and small CCD vision laser cutter. This video shows how two different camera laser cutters work.

Advantages of top camera laser cutting machine:

First, the operation is simple and easy to get started.

Crop with AMOR top camera laser cutter in 4 simple steps:
1. Automatic feeding, 2. Taking pictures, automatically identifying the outline of the image 3. Fully automatic and continuous cutting 4. Sorting and sorting.

Second, the correction functions with intelligent automatic feeding system

This product uses a full-automatic feeding platform to realize full-automatic operation of feeding and cutting, which saves labor costs. With automatic deviation-correcting feeder, it can overcome the deformation problem of flexible materials in the printing or embroidery process. Fully automatic edge finding cutting.

Third, super-format graphics seconds recognition

This product adopts a large cutting format (accepting non-standardized customization). It can scan the full format through a high-definition industrial camera to achieve accurate identification in seconds.

Fourth, the high-temperature lock is smooth and not drawn

Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. AMOR laser cutting machine adopts non-contact thermal processing method, which makes the cutting edge of the product smooth and not deformed, so that high-temperature edging can be achieved without drawing.

Fifth, automatic operation and saves costs

Fully automatic feeding platform, continuous cutting, no need to be guarded, and workers can easily learn to get started. This product supports multiple layout methods, which can achieve seamless stitching and cutting of the same graphic, reducing waste loss.

AMOR top camera laser cutting machine can help customers achieve faster, more efficient and more accurate cutting methods. So as to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.

Features of small CCD vision laser cutting machine:

The AMOR small CCD laser cutting machine is a fully automatic intelligent model. It is equipped with a 5-megapixel CCD camera that can shoot the outline of the cutting object and automatically cut the edges.

It is widely used in the trademark industry. With the increasing demand for irregular trademarks, the traditional cutting process cannot meet the requirements in the past, and the AMOR small CCD visual positioning cutter perfectly solves the problem of irregular trademark cutting.