AMOR Laser – Large Format Flatbed Co2 Laser Cutting Machine SCL1630
• Open-type laser cutting flatbed with a wide format working area.
• Conveyor working table with an auto-feeding system (optional). High-speed continuous cutting home textile fabrics and other wide area flexible materials.
• Smart nesting software is optional, it can fast layout cutting graphics in the most material-saving way.
• The cutting system can do extra-long nesting and full format continuous auto-feeding and cut on a single pattern that exceeds the cutting area of the machine.
• 5-inch LCD screen CNC system supports multiple data transmission and can run in offline or online modes.
• Following top exhausting suction system to synchronize laser head and exhaust system. Good suction effects, saving energy.
• CCD camera recognition system (optional) realizes automatic contour capturing on the graphic of fabrics.
• You can print to the laser from a variety of programs, including CorelDraw, AutoCAD and Adobe software.

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