As the production of shoes becomes more and more specialized, the style of shoes has become more diverse. Now, shoe production orders have three characteristics: small batches, multiple batches, and high requirements. If the traditional shoe production method is adopted, it is unable to meet the requirements of the order. Therefore, the traditional footwear industry has problems of shortage of workers, low production efficiency, long delivery time, and low-profit margin. So how do you solve these problems? You need to use a high-tech laser cutting machine, with 1-2 skilled cutting workers, to achieve intelligent production, change the mode of relying on manual production!

How does a laser cutter work?

Laser processing equipment is the product of a new technological revolution, integrating cutting, engraving, hollowing, punching and other functions. Compared with traditional processing methods, it has many features such as high precision, high speed, high flexibility, and low cost. Therefore, the laser process is widely used in the footwear industry. It breaks through the traditional manual die cutting process, which saves the cost of die-cutting in the production process, and makes the shoe industry enter a new era of digital die-free machining. The shoe industry has changed from quantity to quality and efficiency.

Shoe upper cutting:

Shoe uppers hollowed out:

Laser cutting in the footwear industry?

In the shoe upper processing of the footwear industry, laser technology is mainly used for shoe upper cutting, shoe upper marking, shoe upper hollowing, shoe upper carving and so on. With the flexibility and efficient technical level of the laser, we can create a colorful and fashionable “shoe world”.



Flying woven shoe upper laser cutting is one of the most representative applications in the footwear industry. There are many yards and styles of shoes. The camera laser cutting machine can realize any typesetting and cutting of different parts of shoes and different sizes. Greatly improve the processing efficiency of shoe uppers.



The laser tangential line of the shoe upper also utilizes the laser cutting function to replace the pattern with lines to achieve a unique design effect.



Hollowing is a common way to modify the upper of shoes. It uses the precise laser hollowing process and intelligent software drawing to perfectly realize the designer’s design.



The laser engraved shoe upper is engraved on the surface of the material by means of laser marking – the pattern is exquisite and vivid.
With laser processing, you can cut and engrave beautiful patterns on the surface of materials such as fabrics, leather, and non-woven fabrics by simply setting the graphic pattern on the computer. This is the “effect” and “efficiency” that traditional manuals can’t surpass!

Advantages of laser processing:

The advantage of laser processing shoe uppers is that they can quickly engrave and sculpt various patterns on the surface of various upper materials. Since laser processing is a non-contact processing method, it does not cause any external deformation of the shoe upper. It has many advantages such as high engraving precision, neat cutting section, and processing of any shape.



Due to the high-density energy characteristics of lasers, when laser cutting shoe upper materials, especially light-colored materials (such as white), or special materials (such as mirror materials), the shoe upper is prone to yellowing.

In order to prevent this phenomenon from occurring, in the production and processing, it is necessary to carry out certain protection treatment on the upper surface. The usual methods are:
1. Stick the protective film, be sure to stick it flat, close it, and do not have bubbles.
2, soak some shoes, this method is suitable for some materials.
3. Adjust the laser processing parameters and use multiple times of small firepower.
These three points are used to prevent the surface of the upper or the inner surface of the upper from being burnt by laser processing or laser-cutting the upper.

AMOR is committed to creating a more comprehensive and perfect laser application solution for the footwear industry, helping the footwear industry to improve the efficiency of the entire process of “design-processing-shipment” and work with you to create greater value.

Recommended laser cutting solutions:

Shoe upper cutting solution: Shoe upper hollowing solution:
Laser cutting printed fabrics and textiles-AMOR 3D-CO2-laser-large-format-marking-machine
The automatic laser fabric cutting machine is equipped with an automatic feeding system for continuous, automated and fast cutting of rolls of fabric and leather.
Equipped with intelligent nesting software, you only need to design the graphics in the computer, you can use the laser to automatically cut. The customer can choose the camera recognition system to realize the automatic identification and cutting of the flying woven shoe upper.

The 3D dynamic laser marking machine adopts the CO2 laser type, which fully considers the large power, large marking range, high intensity of use and harsh working environment. It has made many improvements in the selection and design of accessories. The laser has a long life and a fast cutting and marking speed. It can realize the same focusing mirror to complete different marking ranges without affecting the quality of lighting when marking. The performance of the whole machine is extremely stable and can work continuously for a long time.


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