The “strips and plaids fabric cutting” process is often encountered in the production of woven garments, especially when using patterns or strip fabrics to produce garments such as suits and women’s wear. At the moment of focusing on improving the quality of clothing, the advantages and disadvantages of the “strips and plaids fabric cutting” process have become a standard to measure the quality of this type of clothing. For example, in the apparel industry, if the clothing exceeds the allowable error for strips and plaids, it is A defect.

The entire batch of garments is therefore easily judged as a substandard product, which also reminds apparel companies to pay attention to strips and plaids fabric cutting problems.

Laser fabric cutting machine for strip and plaid fabric cutting

Laser fabric cutting machine for strip and plaid fabric cutting

All kinds of garments have strict requirements for strips and plaids fabric cutting, and different products have different requirements. For example, pants, first require horizontal stripes, then the seams, sills, side pockets and other positions must be aligned;

If there are vertical stripes, the left and right sides of the pants should be symmetrical. For the jacket, the front and rear left and right pieces are symmetrical, the horizontal stripes are aligned, and the sleeves, collars, etc. are aligned with the outer sleeve. Another example is a short skirt, as long as the front and rear pieces are symmetrical and the side slits are aligned.

Laser fabric cutting machine for strip and plaid fabric cutting

Laser fabric cutting machine for strip and plaid fabric cutting

Due to the cutting, it is difficult to ensure that the cutter is absolutely perpendicular to the fabric, and the size of the cut pieces of each layer of fabric may be inaccurate, and the stripe pattern of the lower layer trimming is difficult to be aligned with the stripe pattern of the upper layer trimming. In this case, in addition to discharging the samples in the corresponding position according to the design requirements, a certain amount of cutting is required, so that the actual cutting piece at the time of cutting is larger than the sample, so that the accuracy of the stripe can be ensured in the sewing.

To ensure the accuracy of the stripes, it should be considered in three aspects:

First, to ensure the quality of high-quality fabrics, whether it is knitted fabrics or woven fabrics, there is a certain latitude slope, if the situation is serious, the precise cutting of the striped fabric cannot be guaranteed;

Secondly, it is necessary to closely cooperate in the three processes of nesting, spreading and cutting to complete the “strips and plaids cutting” process;

Third, we must strengthen the management of sewing workers to ensure the accuracy of the stripe connection during sewing.

When the style design has requirements for the stripes, the nested samples cannot be placed at random, such as the connection between the pocket and the front. In fact, because the stripe specifications of the fabric are not uniform, the quality of the fabric is uneven, resulting in the use of the garment CAD discharge system. There are often difficulties in the process and there are certain limitations.

Stripes and plaid fabrics have a certain difference in the arrangement and layout of stripes and lattices when viewed from different directions, while fabrics with patterns of flowers, trees, animals, etc. are directional. As long as you pay little attention to the directionality of the fabric, there will be a pattern inversion phenomenon or the inconsistency of the two front and back patterns of the garment.

Laser fabric cutting machine for strip and plaid fabric cutting

Laser fabric cutting machine for strip and plaid fabric cutting

In the production of clothing for strip fabrics, as long as there are “strips and plaids cutting” process requirements, the workers need to deal with them carefully from the nesting of CAD to the spreading and cutting.

Advantages of garment CNC fabric cutting solutions:

1. Efficiency: The garment laser fabric cutting machine can work continuously, can operate at high speed for a long time, and has high production efficiency and very stable quality.

2. Cost: Manual cutting requires a large number of cutting workers. The cost of wages is high. The automatic cloth cutting machine only needs one person to work, and the cutting work can be completed. The remaining manpower can cope with other processes, saving costs and increasing efficiency.

3. Quality: The cutting effect before sewing directly affects the quality of the clothing cost. The adverse effects found after cutting are unrecoverable. This kind of problem is quite common in manual cutting. The use of clothing fabric automatic cutting machine is to solve this problem. Best guarantee.

4. Another advantage of using the automatic cloth cutting machine can greatly enhance the image of the production plant. When the customer visits the production mode and production equipment before the order is placed, the high-speed automatic equipment such as the automatic cutting machine is guaranteed to have the highest quality. The persuasiveness of cost and efficiency.