Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels, also known as polyester panels, are called polyester fiber decorative sound absorbing panels and also become PET.

Polyester fiberboard can meet the requirements of different sound absorption and noise reduction effects. It is widely used in the field of acoustic engineering and has been recognized and praised by many experts. It has been chosen by decorative designers and has become the first choice for decorative materials.



Various properties of polyester fiber board:

1, physical and mechanical properties
Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels have sound-absorbing and heat-insulating properties, and the polyester board is even and solid in material, elastic, tough, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, tear-resistant, not easily scratched, and large in width (9mm×1220mm×2440mm) ).

2, the product variety
Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels are available in more than 40 colors and can be assembled into a variety of patterns. The surface shape has a flat surface, a square (mosaic shape), a wide strip, and a thin strip. The sheet can be bent into a curved shape. It can make the indoor body design more flexible and effective. It is even possible to copy art on a polyester sound absorbing panel by computer.

3, fire performance
The polyester fiber sound absorbing panels have been tested by the National Fire Protection Center for fireproof parameters, and the results show that they have good fire performance.

Recommended for PET cutting solutions:
Polyester fiberboard cutting adopts vibrating knife cutting machine. The condition allows double cutting head, chamfering knife and vibrating knife to cut freely. Polyester fiber board has a certain thickness. Cutting with vibrating knife can cut polyester fiber board material quickly and effectively, cutting The speed can be as fast as 2000mm/s, and the bevel cutter can cut the bevel.

Advantages of cutting polyester fiberboard cutting machine:

1. Vibrating knife polyester fiber cutting machine cuts polyester fiber, no manual measurement, computer automatic typesetting cutting, automatic cutting.

2. The precision of polyester fiber board cutting machine is higher, the cutting precision error of vibrating knife cutting machine is 0.01mm, the cutting surface is burr-free and exquisite.

3. The cutting speed is fast and smarter. The polyester fiber cutting machine adopts Yaskawa servo motor, pulse positioning, and the cutting speed is up to 2000mm/s.

4. Can be equipped with a variety of types of cutting heads to meet the different cutting requirements of polyester fiber board, generally equipped with a oscillating knife and a bevel cutter for cutting and grooving PET sheets.



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