What is a metal non-metallic laser cutting machine? Metal non-metallic laser cutting machine is a laser machine that can simultaneously cut metal and non-metallic materials. It works the same way as ordinary laser engraving machine. The laser equipment we see at ordinary times is either a metal laser cutting machine or a non-metallic laser engraving machine. As a result, many customers want to have a laser equipment that can process both metal and non-metal.

Metal / non-metallic hybrid laser cutting machine compared with conventional laser cutting machine, in addition to higher cutting power, but also equipped with a laser function with the cutting head, when cutting metal, according to the height of the metal plate to adjust the focal length.

General cutting metal laser type is fiber laser, laser cutting type of non-metallic materials are CO2 laser if customers need to cut metal materials, but also cutting non-metallic materials, it is necessary to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, buy one CO2 laser cutting machine, the need to invest a lot of costs, but also requires a larger installation site, if you are only cutting stainless steel plate within 2mm, carbon steel plate, the purchase of an expensive fiber laser cutting machine is not necessary. Because we provide you a laser hybrid cutting machine, can be very good cutting metal materials within 2mm, in addition, you can cut 20mm acrylic, 18mm MDF, and other non-metallic materials.

AMO as a professional metal non-metallic laser cutting machine manufacturers, in order to meet the needs of customers and the market.

We have developed a multi-functional laser cutting machine which can process metal and process non-metal and put it on the market successfully.

AMO1325 multifunctional laser cutting machine can cut metal material is also cutting non-metallic materials, optional Longmen double ball screw drive structure, high inertia and large torque, maximum acceleration up to 0.6G; strengthen the welding machine imported large Longmen milling process, the tempering treatment and vibration stress relief, small deformation of machine tool the drawing process; beam and finishing process, lightweight, high rigidity, good dynamic; professional laser cutting software, with graphical layout and sharp smoothing kinetic energy, can achieve high-speed punching and marking function; integrated design, the overall layout is reasonable, compact, small footprint.