In 2019, on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, we ended the New Year’s holiday and started a new year’s work. Like the previous years, AMOR just came to work and ushered in a busy job, because this season is exactly when the sofa factory purchased machines, and AMOR is China’s most professional supplier of automatic sofa cover cutting machine, and also the earliest laser automation in China. Cutting technology is introduced into the factory of the sofa industry. Compared with previous years, the biggest difference is that AMOR automatic laser cutting machine not only has a lot of choices for Chinese sofa factories, but also many foreign sofa factories have purchased AMOR automatic cutting machines. AMOR sofa laser cutting machine has been sales to Argentina, the United States, Canada, Greece, Serbia, Malaysia, and other countries.



On the second day of work this year, we ushered in the first snow in 2019. There is a Chinese saying – snowing indicates that this year is a bumper year. Our colleagues braved the snow and sent two automatic sofa cover fabric cutters to Qingdao Port. Although the weather was very cold, the colleagues were very motivated. The Canadian sofa factory owner chose us and bought two sets of machines at a time, which stems from his trust in us. More precisely, he believes in our professionalism in the sofa industry. The boss had a lot of questions before communicating with us, such as how to enter the paper patterns into the computer? How to achieve continuous and accurate feed cutting? How to operate the machine? When these changes from traditional manual cutting to machine cutting, the customer is most concerned about the problem, our colleagues have given the customer a detailed answers, and the boss pays special attention to the problem of machine control software, our colleagues put our intelligence How the software works with the sofa production to explain carefully to the customer, such as size changes, pattern version changes, sample number setting, how to achieve automatic nesting and how to set the direction of the pattern piece. I think our professional experience in the sofa industry must have won the trust of our customers, because on the third day of the machine’s departure, the Canadian sofa factory owner introduced one of his friends to us and also chose our machine.
In addition to foreign sofa cloth machine orders, we have received orders from various places in China, some are new customers, some are old customers to buy twice, let me send some photos of our machines, feel the AMOR colleagues passion for work.

AMOR has so many customers in the sofa industry, and can maintain the leading sales of sofa cover automatic cutting machine for 5 years, thanks to two points:
1. The sofa industry is facing a change in production. Five years ago, most sofa factories mainly used large-volume production orders, which could not only purchase raw materials in batches, reduce production costs, but also use manual batch cutting, or purchase large-scale multi-layer CNC cutting machine. However, as the concept of customer consumption shifts from price-oriented to value-oriented, more and more customers are beginning to purchase sofa furniture according to their own personalized decoration, which brings about changes in the size, style and color of the sofa. Conventional products fail to meet the individual needs of customers and thus lose their competitiveness.
It is precisely because of the changes in market demand that the traditional production methods can no longer satisfy the production of a large number of scattered custom sofas. Many sofa factories stock a large number of conventional sofas, and the customized sofas cannot be delivered in time because of the customized needs of customers. It brings frequent changes in size, color and style. If you still use manual cutting, you can’t take advantage of batch cutting. Even if you work overtime every day, a mature cutting machine can only complete 3-4 sets of custom sofa cutting. The demand for production could not be met at all, which caused the workers to work overtime every day, but the company’s income was low. This requires a lot of cutting workers, but mature cutting workers, high wages, and more and more young people do not like cutting work, which makes it difficult for the sofa factory to recruit mature cutting workers, even if recruited, Unable to bear the high cost of labor, and the lack of mature cutting workers has also brought about the problem of high turnover rate and difficult management of cutting workers. If the sofa factory wants to continue to develop better, it must change the existing production mode and seek a way to meet the rapid and low-cost production of customized orders and use the market development.


2. AMOR passed the market research and learned that after the sofa factory has these problems, it has been committed to providing intelligent cutting machine for the sofa factory, meeting the new production needs of the sofa factory, and adhering to the direction of professional development of the industry. AMOR has developed to today. The sofa cutter has been updated to the seventh generation. So how does the AMOR laser develop step by step?
In 2015, AMOR, the first customer of AMOR’s sofa industry, found AMOR and inspected AMOR’s automatic cutting machine, which solved the production problems he faced, but at that time AMOR’s automatic laser cutting machine was just an ordinary cutting machine. And did not combine the actual needs of the sofa factory for research and development, so Mr Zhu was not very satisfied at the time, but Zhu has already inspected many laser machine production plants, and no one machine can be called “sofa automatic laser cutting machine”. Because sofa cutting has its special industry requirements, ordinary machines simply cannot be satisfied. Our boss is keenly aware that this is a market. In the first time, he established a cooperative research and development relationship with Mr. Zhu. He placed our laser fabric cutting machine in Zhu’s sofa factory for free and sent R&D personnel to the factory manager Zhu. According to the requirements of Manager Zhu, step by step research and development, which has a step by step update of the AMOR automatic sofa laser cutting machine.


AMOR’s first generation of sofa fabric laser cutting machines adhere to the use of integral welded cutting machines and is equipped with an automatic feeding system instead of a long-format splicing cutting machine. In fact, accurate automatic feeding at that time is a difficult point, because 1 set of sofas need to cut about 10 meters of fabric continuously, and the feeding bracket of ordinary laser fabric cutting machine has the problem of accumulated feeding error, and the feeding error is long, which will cause people. The problem of heavy workload and serious waste of fabrics, then why does AMOR still insist on the overall welded cutting machine and automatic cutting machine structure. Because of the large-format splicing structure, although it will not face the problem of feeding, it will cause installation troubles, requires a large installation site, and requires at least two people to carry out cutting work, which not only solves the problem of labor, but also will occupy the space of the factory, resulting in increased workshop costs. Therefore, our R&D colleagues still insist on how to achieve high-precision transmission of fabrics. Finally, after the efforts of our colleagues, we have finally developed a feeding system that can automatically correct the deviation for one month, even if the whole roll of fabric is continuously cut. The feeding error is controlled within 8mm, and the work of cutting the sofa cover can be completed by one person, and the working efficiency is equivalent to 5 mature cutting workers.

After solving the problem of automatic feeding, we introduced a digitizer and intelligent nesting software to solve the problem that the sofa factory could not build a sofa database because it could not operate CAD. Customers only need to use the digitizer system to easily and accurately convert the sofa paper patterns into electronic data, and manage the digital patterns through intelligent nesting software, and quickly nesting materials, no need to store a large number of the paper version, as long as the original data of the sofa is established, whether it is resizing or the version can be quickly realized in the software, and the sofa of one size only needs to be changed once, and the modified version is saved in the computer database. In the future, it can be directly transferred, and no need for repeated work, which greatly reduces the workload of workers. Moreover, with the automatic nesting software, it takes only 2 minutes to complete the nesting of the pattern, saving about 5% of the fabric than the manual nesting, and it can be done without professional cutting workers, which greatly reduces the sofa cover. Tailoring reliance on skilled workers.



When the customer’s production needs are met, we begin to consider how to provide a good production environment for our customers. Laser cutting fabrics have many advantages, such as cutting a standard, automatic seaming, etc., but the laser is hot cut, so it will produce smoke. How to ensure that there is no smoke at the processing site? This is the problem we have to solve. The traditional laser cloth cutting machine is only equipped with a lower exhaust system, and the structure of the lower exhaust is a “funnel” central exhaust design, so the dust on the edge of the machine table cannot be handled well. We have equipped the machine with a three-dimensional indoor smoke extraction system, using the upper and lower ventilation modes.

And our upper gust is not a general “follow-up” structure, but a “wrap-around” design, which has two advantages:
1. Surround the laser head, even if the laser head is in the process of rapid cutting, it can ensure the adsorption of smoke;
2, Solve the problem of large smoke on the edge of the work platform, and the wraparound upper system can be used to dispose of the smoke at the edge of the machine.
In this way, we provide operators with a better working environment and help the company manage the operators.
With our five years of development in the sofa industry, how to provide customers with more durable performance and meet the higher cutting precision requirements of our customers has become our new pursuit. This time we have not done “addition”, but started to do subtraction. The first is to reduce the weight of the beam of the machine, and change the cover of the machine from sheet metal to plastic, which reduces the load weight of the Y-axis of the machine, improves the braking effect of the machine, and improves the precision of the small circle cutting. It satisfies the cutting precision of various sofa shapes. Secondly, we enhance the synchronous bearing of the Y-axis direction of the machine, ensuring the stability of the Y-axis rapid movement, preventing the problem of machine shake during the rapid cutting process, ensuring smooth cutting and avoiding Machine aging caused by fast cutting.

Although we have won praises from many customers, we are not satisfied. In the future, we will continue to innovate in technology. We believe that “customers need what we are pursuing”, as long as we focus on customers and actively develop, Producing high-quality machines and truly solving the production problems for customers, AMOR will certainly develop better and better, and AMOR’s success in the sofa manufacturing industry is the best proof.