Visit a sofa intelligent production plant
In August of this year, a customer who bought our automatic furniture cutting machine,he ordered another plywood multilayer cutting machine. I went to a client factory with my colleagues in charge of machine training, and I had the opportunity to visit the production plant of customers.

Plywood CNC cutting machine Furniture manufacturing factoryFurniture manufacturing factory

The customer said to us, “now the cost of workers is higher and higher, and the market competition is bigger and bigger.” he thinks that the mechanization of sofa production is a big trend now. We visited the production process of his entire sofa and felt the mechanization of the production of the sofa.

First is the customer’s fabric cutting workshop, the workers are cutting with our automatic cutting machine. I have a few simple communication with him.

Automatic cutting machine for furniture fabrics

I asked him, “when you use the equipment, do you feel any change?”

Automatic cutting machine for furniture fabrics

He said: actually, when the machine was just installed, it was still somewhat out of tune, but after a month, it felt that the machine was really fast, and its work was much easier than before. Because machine can replace manual typesetting and size change is also very convenient.

He called our equipment a “robot” kindly.

After we reach the customer plant for 3 hours, completed the plywood cutting machine installation work, and began to work, the workers will be 3 pieces of plywood placed on the machine platform, each veneer thickness is 9mm, the machine started cutting, the workers are very curious, so come to watch, they watched and said:

“This is a good machine. It just needs to put the plywood on it and the machine is automatically cut. We just have to be responsible for placing materials and collecting materials.”

“This machine doesn’t have so much dust when it’s processed, and it’s better for the body.”Furniture manufacturing factory

“We don’t need to use the saw blade to process it, so it’s safer.”

Furniture manufacturing factoryPlywood CNC cutting machine

15 minutes later, the plywood cutting was completed, and everyone looked at the processing effect. It was agreed that the cutting was very standard.

We also visited the customer’s sponge processing workshop, pillow filling workshop, the two workshops also used machine processing, working standards, production efficiency is also fast.

When we came to the customer’s sewing workshop, the customer asked, “is there a fully automated sewing machine? If I have, I would like to spend 1 million yuan on it.” I said, “the machine has not yet developed to such a high automation stage.”

This visit gives me the biggest impression that mechanization is the inevitable trend of sofa production in the future. Only mechanization can reduce production costs, improve production standards, and better meet the needs of the market.