The new AMOR1630 laser fabric cutting machine has been produced and is ready to be shipped to South America. AMOR’s new fabric laser cutting machine adopts white and black colors, with a very beautiful appearance and a strong sense of technology.


The new AMOR 1630 fabric laser cutting machine has the same two advantages as the old model:

1. Equipped with a precise automatic feeding system, the continuous feeding error is controlled within 5mm, which can continuously cut for roll fabric;
2. The unique three-dimensional dust removal design ensures that there is no smoke or dust on the machine processing site.


In addition, AMOR1630 new fabric laser cutting machine also made 2 improvements compared to the old model:

1. The machine is equipped with a built-in power cord. The customer only needs to connect the factory power supply to the machine’s power distribution box to start up. The customer does not need to provide power cords for external accessories such as chiller and exhaust fan, which makes installation easier.



2. The machine adopts an aluminum material closed cover, which reduces the weight of the machine beam and improves the precision of the machine to cut small circles.


AMOR is committed to providing intelligent cutting solutions for global customers, constantly upgrading products, and providing customers with more perfect fabric laser cutting equipment.