Asia Sofa Material Exhibition: Customization of furniture manufacturing.

On March 18th, our company participated in the 25th Asian sofa material exhibition held in Guangdong. This exhibition has a great influence on the entire furniture manufacturing industry in Asia. Not only 80% of furniture manufacturers in China participate, but also There will be many sofa manufacturers from Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries come to visit. In addition to the sofas (automatic cloth cutting equipment), the participating products also involve other aspects of sofa production: design solutions, wooden frames, lines, sponge machines, and viscose.

The purpose of our company’s participation in this exhibition is to help customers realize the automation of sofa cutting in the fabric. We showed two models of CNC cloth cutting machines, AMO1630L and AMO1630F. During the four-day exhibition, we met many old customers and also reached cooperation with many new customers.


As many sofa makers are facing increased internal production costs and strong external market competition, automatic sofa production is still the most concerned topic for sofa factories. Compared with previous exhibitions, customers have become more rational in choosing automation solutions. They no longer blindly choose equipment, but pay more attention to their actual production status and choose according to their actual conditions.Furniture-Automation-Exhibition03

Customization of sofa production is the most talked about by customers. This is because a single sofa type can no longer meet the needs of customers. Many customers choose different sofas according to the decoration style and area of ​​their living room. The trend of customization has brought great challenges to the traditional production of sofas, especially in the cutting of sofa fabrics, which will increase the work intensity of workers and affect the efficiency of work. This has prompted many sofa factories to choose new production. Method: Digital production.