The AMOR automatic fabric cutting machine cuts the sofa fabric quickly and accurately, and adopts the laser fabric cutting technology to realize the automatic locking of the cloth cutting edge.

AMOR automatic fabric cutting machine is widely used in more than 500 sofa factories around the world, helping the sofa factory to change the traditional sofa cover cutting method, reducing the dependence of the sofa cover cutting on skilled workers, and using intelligent cutting equipment to quickly complete customization. The production of the sofa meets the customized needs of the market, reduces the production and processing costs, and improves the market competitiveness of the sofa factory.

5 advantages of using automatic fabric cutting machine:
Intelligent feeding system:
The automatic feeding system has the function of automatically correcting the feeding deviation to ensure the accuracy of feeding for a long time, which helps the laser fabric cutting machine to cut the ultra-long cloth through the small platform and reduce the space required for the installation of the laser fabric cutting machine.

Labor saving: The automatic feeding work platform is used to realize the continuous and rapid cutting of the fabric without manual intervention, which is suitable for the long cloth cutting of the sofa cover.

Three-dimensional dust removal and purification design: The upper and lower enveloping dust removal and purification system are adopted to ensure that there is no soot on the processing site, which provides a good environment for workers to operate the machine.

Save fabric: The pieces are compactly arranged, providing customers with the best nesting solution, saving fabric and reducing production costs.

Ultra-format automatic cutting: According to the size of the machine working platform, the long-length cloth nesting scheme is decomposed into multiple editions for automatic cutting, and there is no gap between the joints of each edition.

AMOR is a professional factory that provides automated solutions for cutting fabric. Our products are widely used in the cutting of sofa fabrics and the cutting of apparel fabrics. Our products include two series of laser cloth cutting machines and circular knife cutting machines. Customers can choose equipment according to their own conditions. We have equipped the machine with powerful nesting software to realize the digital management of fabric templates. Our principle is to help our customers with better production and save production costs.