Shows in detail how the AMO1630A series of automatic fabric cutting machines cutting fabrics. From automatic spreading to automatic cutting to automatic feeding, the entire process does not require manual intervention.

What problems have we solved for the sofa industry?

1. Substitute labor: sofa manufacturers are faced with the shortage of fabric cutting masters, and the management of employees is very difficult, which seriously affects the development of the sofa factory;

2. Standardized fabric cutting: manual cutting is not standard, which will seriously affect the sewing process, while the laser fabric cutting machine adopts automatic scanning graphics and ensures the standard of the cutting piece through automatic cutting;

3. Improve production efficiency: The production efficiency of one machine is four times that of manual production, which improves the competitiveness of the sofa factory;

4. Reduced production costs: In addition to the reduction of labor costs, the laser fabric cutting machine is also equipped with intelligent nesting software, which improves the fabric utilization rate. Compared with manual nesting, each corner sofa can save 5%-8% fabric.

5. Can cut different types of fabrics: wool, flannel, technical cloth, imitation leather, microfiber leather, non-woven fabric, etc.;

6. Meet the customer’s customized processing: Now many sofa products need to be customized, and the laser machine has low cost and easy to use, which can meet the requirements of custom, small batch order cutting;

7. Can meet the requirements of the uniform direction of the sofa fabric cutting: through the intelligent nesting software, the nesting direction of the sofa pieces can be set.

AMO-1630A automatic fabric cutting machine features:

1. Automation: The crawler-type cutting platform is used together with the feeding system to realize automatic continuous processing;

2, intelligent: configure intelligent typesetting software, save fabrics and reduce costs;

3. High precision: automatic correction feeding system solves the problem of automatic feeding offset;

4. Standardization: configure the cylinder pressure material and adsorption platform to ensure the flatness of the feeding;

6, easy to maintain: install dust-proof device, the rail is easy to maintain.