Upholstered sofa fabric cutting with CNC circular knife cutting machine, is widely used in the cutting process of sofa fabrics, solving the difficulties of recruiting cutting workers and reducing production costs.

AMOR upholstered sofa fabric cutting machine with CNC round knife cutting technology, and equipped with Japan’s Mitsubishi servo motor, the fastest processing speed of 1500mm / s, can quickly cut all types of sofa fabric.

To achieve continuous, automatic cutting of the sofa fabric. The AMOR upholstered sofa fabric cutting machine is equipped with an automatic feeding platform with a vacuum suction function and a precise automatic feeding system for automatic and continuous cutting of the sofa fabric.

AMOR upholstered sofa fabric automatic cutting solution consists of three systems: sofa piece data intelligent management system, sofa CAD smart nesting software and fabric automatic cutting machine.

Help the sofa factory to build electronic data, and use super nested software to quickly typeset, improve fabric utilization, and then automatically cut with a CNC fabric cutting machine. Making the sofa cover cutting work is super simple, solving the sofa cutting’s dependence on skilled cutting workers, and one machine can replace 3-4 workers.

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