The AMO1625K CNC fabric cutting machine can meet the requirements of single-layer fabric cutting and small-volume order production.

The biggest features of the machine:
The conventional fabric automatic cutting machine is divided into two types: one is to meet the customer’s need for cutting more than 40 layers of fabrics, but is not suitable for cutting fabrics with less than 20 layers because of its high cost of use; one is a machine suitable for cutting single-layer fabrics, but can not meet the customer’s small batch cutting.

Various types of cutting heads for use
This machine can meet customer’s different types of cutting needs by changing the cutter head.
The use of pneumatic cutter head can meet the customer’s small batch production, according to different materials, can achieve 10-20 layers of fabric cutting; using a round knife head, can quickly cut a single layer of fabric.

Applications: apparel, furniture, car interior, bag, luggage, hat, footwear, aerospace, boat, composite material and other industries.

1. Simpler design: less training, configuration, operation and troubleshooting time;
2. Very affordable;
3. High quality and consistency;
4. Low maintenance;
5. Low parts cost;
6 Local technical support